Official Obama nativity story continues to unravel


By Jerome R. Corsi, WorldNetDaily

Photo Credit: Geoff Livingston Creative Commons

WND has found new evidence that Stanley Ann Dunham, President Obama’s mother, was in Seattle in August 1961, within days of her son’s birth, contrary to the accepted narrative.

In a video that has been removed from the Internet since the 2008 presidential campaign, Susan Blake, a high school friend of Obama’s mother, gave an interview in which she discussed seeing Dunham shortly after Barack Obama Jr.’s Aug. 4, 1961, birth.

Blake explains in the video that Dunham visited her in Seattle in a “late August afternoon” when Barack Obama Jr. was only “a few weeks old.”

Blake tells how she showed Dunham, an evidently inexperienced mother, how to change the baby’s diaper.

The Blake video presents additional evidence that conflicts with the birth story presented by Barack Obama in his autobiography “Dreams from My Father.”

In the book, Obama quotes his mother indicating Barack Obama Sr. decided to abandon them in Hawaii because Harvard University did not provide sufficient funds for him to take his family. Obama’s father began studies in Cambridge, Mass., in September 1962.

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Photo Credit: Geoff Livingston (Creative Commons)


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