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Occupy Movement Reason Obama Ran for President?


Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the “Progressive” (that is, socialist/communist) arm of the Democrat party have embraced the Occupy Movement since Day One. We have watched the so-called peaceful, grassroots movement “evolve” (to use a favorite Obama term) into a socialist, communist, anarchist, and anti-Semitic movement. And now with the NATO “protests” on May 19 in Chicago, they have “evolved” into a group associated with domestic terrorists.

How much more the American people will stand before this group of elected radicals led by Obama are thrown out of office remains to be seen. Let us hope it is quickly. Let us hope it is before November (i.e., impeachment), before Obama’s thugs’ goal to “Eat the Rich and Smash the State” is fulfilled—that is, they want what all socialists/communists want: to collapse the economy by unsustainable debt and entitlements, confiscate and redistribute all wealth (most of it in their own pockets), and then destroy everything so that they can build a communist utopia from the ashes.

Thanks but no thanks. We like our “imperfect” (to again use an Obama term) Constitution just fine.



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