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Occupy Mom’s Basement (OMB) Democrats Have Much To Fear This November


If all goes well, those who occupy their mother’s basements (OMBs) will reappear on May Day, their high holy day. When they start disrupting our lives again, it will be with the full support of the Democrat Party.

This is great news to those who love America and are trying to restore our country to what we know she can be. When the OMBs get back into our public parks the destruction of the Democrat Party will be in full swing.  It will reach a climax when they trash Charlotte North Carolina outside of the Democrat Convention.   The OMBs will show America what the Democrats are really about and that will not be good for them or their Democrat supporters.

A spring and summer of OMB’s destruction will make Democrat attempts to equate them with TEA partiers both insulting and politically toxic.

Regardless of the final outcome there is no way the Catholic Church- Obamacare   showdown will be settled by May Day. This will leave the Democrats desperate for allies.

When they turn to the weird and filthy people of OMB it will guarantee a “lose- lose” choice for them.  Do they throw the OMBs overboard and try to make voters forget they ever supported them; or do they use them as shock troops to create Alinsky type crisis situations?   Either way the anarchists and Communists of OMBs will be sleeping in America’s parks and the Democrats will be stuck to them.

They have Super Glued themselves to the OMBs from Barack Obama on down. Here are some examples.

Trying to make TEA partiers and OMB interchangeable Obama said, “..we are on their [OMB]side..”  Thanks Barack.

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel has said, “Occupy Wall Street[OMB] really does manifest a true, deep anxiety about the shrinking middle class.” Thank you Steve, keep saying that.

Stepping dangerously close to actually praying, Nancy Pelosi said, “God bless them” and “… [OMB is] going to be effective.” You bet it will Nancy, thanks much.

These recent headlines about OMBs give us an idea of what the Democrats will have to talk away.

Murder at Occupy Oakland

Rape at Occupy Philadelphia

Zuccotti Park “Plagued by reports of sex attacks”

Fleas and lice at San Francisco encampment, “A tinder box for gastrointestinal and respiratory infections”

Global total: “Occupy” Proudly proclaims they have had 4,667 arrests as of 11/20/11

1,300 Total arrests in New York City Alone

31% of Occupiers Support Violence

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