‘Occupy’ is most commonly used word in English language media, claims study


Repeated references to the Occupy Movement, which inspired protests outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London and in other major world cities, helped push the word into first place, researchers said.

As a noun, the term was also extensively used when referring to the “occupation of Iraq” and “Occupied [Palestinian] Territory”, the Global Language Monitor (GLM), a media analysis company.

“Deficit” was ranked second on account of the dire economic circumstances facing countries across the globe, followed by “fracking”, the controversial method of extracting fossil fuels through hydraulic fracturing, and “drone” in fourth place.

The study also found that the most frequently used expression was “Arab Spring”, coined to describe the series of uprisings and social protests which have rocked the Arab world in the past year.

The expressions “Royal wedding”, “climate change” and “bunga bunga” all made the top 10 as well.

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