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Obama hasn’t made much progress on any of the core issues for which he was elected–unless you count negative impact he’s had as progress. The central reason he was elected was the then-dire, now worse US economy; he’s harmed our finances further and continues to harm them. US foreign policy has been destroyed by this man. National security is in tatters with his underfunding of the military and our intelligence agencies, and America is at a real and serious disadvantage with our deadly enemies globally because of this government’s stupidity. At home, our middle class is shrieking in pain. The poor just keep getting poorer in spite of Obama’s Socialist promises to give them “everything they need, all the help American’s can muster.” He rails at the banks, corporations, small businesses, religious organizations, and charities as if they are the problem. He regularly violates our Constitution as if he is smarter than Madison and Jefferson, using mainly now his “phone and pen.”

Right now, Israel is being encircled by ISIS building their insane and lethal caliphate to the north and east of tiny, courageous Israel; and Hamas is the Palestinian proxy lobbing rockets deeper and deeper into the Jewish homeland. The Palestinians were taken over with unbelievable speed by Hamas; and once again, the Obama sect has been caught unaware and has done nothing. Secretly, they’ve been doing everything they can to chip away at the military and economic support Israel has always counted on from America, while giving billions in taxpayer money and making secret weapons transfers to the Palestinian/Hamas terrorists.

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I’m also worried about the political condition of American Jews. I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where there is a high percentage of elderly, wealthy Jews. How could it be that this voter demographic continually votes for the Dems and Obama in particular, while seeming oblivious to their and his debilitating treatment of their Jewish state? Why does it take a gentile WASP like me to stand up for Israel and Jews all over the world? What’s up with that?

So to American Jews and Jews around the world, I say: Don’t believe this Obama claptrap, this Dem nonsense about how offended the Palestinians are and how awful the Israelis are being to the poor countries around them. It’s all lies. Lies that will lead to another Holocaust even worse than the original.

America needs to do three things immediately to avoid a Third World War-type situation involving Israel and its Muslim enemies (Iran, Iraq, Syria, ISIS, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Chechnya, and many others) that is already percolating:

  1. Immediately stop all foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, last year conservatively estimated at $500 million. The Obama government has also been finding all kinds of sneaky ways to send even more without our knowledge, much less approval. This American taxpayer money ends up not feeding or clothing anyone, but as bomb-building, arms-buying ‘blood money’ to kill Israeli Jews. In April 2012, Obama suspiciously “lifted a freeze” on $192 million for the Palestinian Authority—read: Hamas. Less than a year later, in March 2013, Obama released $500 million more. This President has given increasingly more money to the Palestinians and Muslim world than any other President in history. It must stop now.
  2. America must also immediately redouble our financial, strategic, and (most importantly) military resources to Israel. This is crucial. We must also do something we haven’t been doing much under this Obama government, which is to begin sharing our high-tech, military innovations again. Obama cut them off. We must increase our protective contributions to the only Democracy in the Middle East–if only because it’s the right thing to do. And, if that isn’t important enough, doing this involves the freedom of the entire world.
  3. Remove this President who has proved over and over again that he’s not up to the task of honorably respecting our key, longtime allies like Israel and Great Britain. This unqualified official has thrown a formerly orderly world where America was respected and feared into complete and utter chaos with the world’s first terrorist nation-state being organized under his unwatchful eye in Iraq/Syria. He must pay the political price that all elected officials and politicians must pay when they screw up: removal from office.

Look here: There’s no way we can allow Obama’s continued, unfettered access to the destruction of Israel—which he’s clearly bent on doing— or, the US economy, our foreign policy, national security, or the safety of Americans. He must be stopped. And he must be stopped before he starts a war the likes of which our world has never seen.

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