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Beginning with the very early speeches Obama was giving in Muslim countries like Turkey and Egypt, we all got a sinking feeling in the pits of our stomachs. Speaking in Cairo, Egypt, the Muslim city and country that would soon spawn the violent but preciously termed “Arab Spring” and launch Jew-hating Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood on the rest of the world, Obama called Cairo “timeless” and a “beacon of learning.” Obama said he “brings greetings of peace from Muslim communities in my country” and speaks in perfectly-accented Arabic. How sweet.

And how dangerous.

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Listen as the President falls all over himself fawning with glee to a major enemy of Americans, Jews, and free people the world over. “Seeking a new beginning between the Muslim world and the United States,” our newly-elected President seemed more interested in winning over Egyptians, Palestinians, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban with flattery and gigantic pallets of American taxpayer money.

He came right out and said he wanted a “two-state” solution. Israel knew right then, in that moment, that she could no longer count on America. America’s long-standing support for Israel and her security and Jews were out. Violent, jihadist pseudo-governments who kill Americans and Jews were in.

And Obama was Israel’s enemy in sheep’s clothing.

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In Turkey two months earlier, Obama told a rapt, Muslim extremist, America-hating audience that “We (America) are not a Christian nation …” WHAT I say? George Washington would have something eviscerating to say about that. Did anybody not see where this awful rhetoric was leading and what was coming? Was any American or Jew still clueless? Apparently, there were those who couldn’t see the (Obama Arabic) writing on the wall. There was, however, no doubt in my mind.

As much as our President has treated Israel’s Netanyahu shabbily, he’s given Palestinian terrorist leader Mahmoud Abbas and other Muslim extremist leaders a ‘hero’s welcome.’ He swathes them and cuddles them like a proud mother who would protect them with his life. Because he will.

So it is in that context of not only not battling Muslim jihadi extremists, but actually kowtowing to them, that I go diving into precisely how and why Barack Obama has conducted a war on Israel.

By not visiting Israel until deep into his second term, Obama telegraphed—in code that most of us paying attention could quickly understand—his support for Muslims wanting to kill Jews and “wipe Israel off the map.”

He hurriedly and openly started incorporating Muslim Brotherhood activists into his key administration posts (like, shockingly, the Department of Homeland Security.) What more did the American people need to know? How obvious and arrogant was this President being? How in-our-faces was he?

It’s not complicated. This President has had the same secret strategy since he sat in his madrassa in Indonesia as a small boy, mindlessly repeating the Quran: actively support the same radical, Muslim murderers who killed more than 3,000 Americans on 9/11/01 and work sneakily behind the scenes to undermine Israel and her elected leaders.

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