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Though I’ve written for The Wall Street Journal, I would never write for the NY Times because they’re part of the problem in America. I don’t respect them. And from the looks of their circulation numbers and ad revenue, I’m not alone.

That’s the difference between writing for a Liberal rag, distorting the truth and protecting their hand-crafted man in our Oval Office and writing for the Western Center for Journalism: I get gratitude and support from the latter. It’s clear they like my political opinions and writing. And I like them.

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As a writer speaking from the inside of the Fifth Estate, I can tell you that when Conservative media outlets are not included in White House press briefings or press and members of Congress aren’t allowed to take their smartphones inside, much less take photos or video of the makeshift centers (read prisons) for the wave of illegal immigrant children flooding over our southern borders, well then, we don’t have anything even resembling a Free Press in America anymore.

And the Democrats are trying to seize our Free Speech, Free Religion, and Free Press rights away more and more with each passing minute. They correctly calculated that the first place to start was by getting the obsequious press onboard with first-class access to the President—provided they wrote only nice things about him—and then slowly, almost imperceptibly taking away their rights as power consolidated in the hands of the President and his horribly Liberal government. Psych! Given, then taketh away.

And the other two, Speech & Religion, become inordinately difficult without the Free Press part, the completer and protector of the Triad.

Freedom of Assembly/Protest

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“Anytime someone carries a picket sign in front of the White House, that is the First Amendment in action.” –Julian Bond

Funny, but I haven’t seen anywhere near as many people carrying signs in front of the White House now with a Democrat president in residence as there always were when a Republican was president. Odd. But completely understandable, as Liberals hate anybody criticizing their elected officials but surely whine loud and proud when it’s a Conservative they’re hounding. That’s why Julian Bond would say that.

Liberals are the biggest, weakest, and phoniest First Amendment supporters when the speech, press, religion (or lack of it in their case), and right to protest or burn flags, for instance, is curtailed. They are hypocrites to the N-th degree.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are traditionally, well … more traditional. These Liberals hate tradition. We care about our Constitution and support it supporting everybody, even our political enemies. Well, I for one am going to stop doing this because it’s dumb. It’s dumb because while we’re helping to protect the rights of Liberals who hate America, they’re trying to tear us and our rights down. If they are going to try and do that, they lose all protection under the same Constitution we use to defend them. If they won’t submit to taking a driving test, eye test, and having their pictures taken in order to get a driver’s license, then we won’t give them one—they can walk. It’s the same with the Constitution and America herself: If you don’t like it or her, you justifiably cease enjoying the protections of it and her.

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