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Free speech is the most important right we Americans, or anybody else for that matter, can possibly have. It must be protected, if necessary, with our lives. For what is life worth living without this most basic and most truly American liberty?

Freedom of Religion

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It is perhaps the most ironical and dangerous Obama war that he reserves for Religion. Given the fact that our Founding Fathers were over here precisely to flee religious persecution, this right must be respected–and any who might encroach upon it hammered senseless.

For the love of God, America has always fought for the religious freedoms of other countries and spent our precious blood and treasure for others’ religious rights in some forsaken faraway lands. And now we allow someone elected by mistake (do over?) like Obama to come along and ruin our religious rights while he supports the religious rights of others who seek to curtail and then abolish our own? Bizarre.

The American right to freedom of religion is as “inalienable” a right as there is in this great country. That’s why Madison put in in the First Amendment. We must protect it at all costs, even if it means ridding ourselves of another “Nixon.”

Freedom of the Press

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A “Free Press” was not something born yesterday. It was imagined by a tight-knit group of revolutionaries, wearing powdered wigs and trying to break away from a tyrannical and mad king. They had no idea that America would someday have the Internet, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. But they saw something like what we have now, and they were prepared. These learned men fully recognized that a free press was necessary in order to keep politicians, elected officials, and the branches of government honest.

So that’s the real value of the press to Americans, not to sell newspapers or radio and TV commercials and help those in power stay there. If the press isn’t doing their central job anymore, then I say “Be Gone with You.” I would quote thusly, “When a ‘free press’ ceases any questioning, any disagreement or investigation of its government; that is the time to rally the farmers, the soldiers and the decent Conservative citizens to ‘assemble, and petition the government for redress of their grievances.’ Except more aggressively.”

And, we can also use the “power of the pocketbook” and not buy, read online, listen to on the radio, nor watch on TV those media businesses that promote Obama’s policies and the trashing of our Constitution. There are many.


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Freedom of the press in this country is something I’ve experienced first-hand. Well, sort of.

I’ve never been asked to ratchet-up my Christian Conservative columns or even encouraged to keep on writing them by a Liberal publication. But it’s easy to see Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman, Judith Miller, and other Liberal/Progressive/Socialist writers certainly have received drooling encouragement, vast sums of money, and eager support from their newspaper, The New York Times.

In fact, I’ve been asked to stop writing my pieces critical of Obama by notoriously Liberal publications. They like rigging the deck, these Liberal media organizations riven with Marxists. I kiddeth you not.

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