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Obama’s War of Economic Armageddon


My point in this article is to bring some sanity to the current economic situation that Obama and the Democrats have foisted on this nation since they usurped the White House in 2008 to complete the triumvirate to include the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Since then, they have taken an orderly process of budgetary constraint and turned it on its head.  The scurrilous series of “Girls Gone Wild” videos has nothing on these Democrats as they have refined the art of wanton behavior and turned spending on its ear.  Words simply cannot do justice to the train wreck they have created and must be seen to be appreciated.   So to that end pictures, will be used with sparse comments so that even liberals, progressives, socialists, Marxists, and Democrats can understand the dire economic condition they have created.

(Note: all graphs are courtesy of heritage.org of the Heritage Network; the full story can be seen with this link in their article The Truth about Obama’s Budget Deficits, in Pictures.)

The above graph tells the entire story about how the Democrats started the reckless spending without any approved budgets or budgetary constraints for the last four years.  Obama’s last budget for 2013 was defeated in both houses of Congress without a single vote in favor of it from either party.  However, both the Republicans and the Democrats have tacitly approved of these budgets by passing “continuing resolutions” to keep spending at the 2009 level since we have not had an approved budget for 1,128 days.

The last time the Senate passed a budget was on April 29, 2009; since then, the budgetary process has been completely stopped by Harry Reid in the Senate.

The current spending shown in the graph is at a rate that is 600% greater than Bush could ever imagine as his average deficits were only $250 billion per year versus Obama’s and the Democrats staggering average of 1.25 trillion (that is 1,250,000,000,000 or twelve placeholders to the left of zero, way to the “left” of zero.)

Our next graph shows the outline on what Obama feels is important with a preposterous 58% of the annual budget simply being given over to other Americans in the form of entitlement payments.  Deficit spending is done by borrowing money by the sale of Treasury Notes on the open market for revenue shortfalls that are not collected by the Treasury.

Today, approximately 43 to 45 cents of every dollar spent by the Treasury is borrowed; this deficit spending then is added to the National Debt if it is not re-paid in the year it is borrowed, ballooning our debt and deficits at the same time.

Only 51% of our nation’s citizens pay any federal taxes; we can quickly see how his budget proposal is meant to swamp whatever is left of the productive members of our society with onerous taxes, which are then just lavished on our nation’s citizens.  It is not as if these funds will purchase military hardware with a certain life expectancy; no, these payments go on day after day and year after year in perpetuity or bankruptcy, whichever occurs first.  Clearly, Obama intends on “buying” as many votes as he can while he can. This is not governance; this is electioneering on a grand and perpetual scale.

In the next graph, we can see Obama and the Democrats’ end game to literally swamp and bankrupt this nation with entitlement spending to bring about their socialist utopia of some woebegone pipe-dream of the left.

Finally, we can see the real intent of Obama to saddle and bankrupt the nation and the pitifully small percentage (51%) of the nation’s taxpayers, the productive members of our society, with an ever-increasing share of the tax burdens if they are not stopped in their tracks by the next election.

(Note: the graph above shows inflation adjusted dollars for 2010, we can only guess if this trend is not stopped what inflation will do to these projections; the 2050 estimate of $279,738 could be many factors times this amount if swift action is not taken now)

For the sake of our children’s future, these economic traitors must be brought to justice for Obama’s and the Democrat’s war on the nation’s taxpayers; this type of fiscal mismanagement is wantonly criminal and must be stopped at all costs!  This ruinous spending is destroying our “Capitalist Free Market” system, and we can only guess what economic system they want to replace it with, socialism would be my guess.  What is your guess?


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