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By simplistically stating that one side wants to suppress votes while ignoring the other’s own history of suppression, and not recognizing the opportunity to solve two problems with one simple program, it indicates there is more focus on gaining power than helping the communities in need.

Consider how many voter ID laws give ample time to obtain free state-issued ID — particularly North Carolina’s new law granting three years from passage to full implementation. Additionally, interest group infrastructure used to “get out the vote” could be marshaled to get people IDs and the lasting benefit that comes with them.

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But while this helps alleviate two problems — voter fraud and lack of economic opportunity — it takes away a powerful accusation enjoyed by the President and his supporters. That’s probably why, when civil rights icon Andrew Young and former president Bill Clinton both advocated for putting photos on Social Security cards as a means of increasing voter ID compliance, the White House could not comment.

If only politicians were focused on solving problems instead of exaggerating other perceived problems to gain political points, America would be better off.


Hughey Newsome, a business consultant in the D.C. area, is a member of the national advisory council of the black leadership network Project 21. Comments may be sent to

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Photo credit: kayranft (Creative Commons)

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