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In the 18th century, the idea of stepping in something that was wholly undesirable became the catchphrase “to put one’s foot in it.” Today, it is the mark of a tactless statement made by just about anyone; but when done often enough by any one person, it is often said that they have “foot in mouth” disease.

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Two of Obama’s feet-in-mouth statements are well-known proclamations, but one is an action made as a response to the doubts of millions of Americans about his past and some intense pressure from World Net Daily (now WND) and businessman Donald Trump. Fortunately for the president, they were not all made at the same time because he would have been short one foot.

“You didn’t build that.”

Barack Obama has tried to backtrack and find ways to soften what he said, but the words are on the ether, and they cannot be retracted. Even if he could explain them away, he has a clear record of dissing and bad-mouthing Americans that is now cumulative and part of the perception of him that is so offensive to millions of them. Recall the “Americans are getting lazy” and “they cling to their Bibles and their guns” statements that are still getting press to this very day.

The famous remark made in Roanoke, Virginia on July 13, 2012 was: “You didn’t build that.” He was referring to those who started business or enterprises that became successful. The idea that government is what made businesses flourish is foreign to most entrepreneurs who know all too well that government regulations and taxes are the two torpedoes that can sink their best efforts in record time.

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The Huffington Post and other Obama-media liberal entrenchments have called the criticisms of the statement bogus and used every device known to literature and political science to cover and lessen the true effect of his badly executed bit of railing verbiage. But his past history and his Robin Hood stance against the wealthy are failing in the American psyche, where perception is often more powerful than reality (especially after insults are perceived.) The bottom line is that many businessmen and entrepreneurs are quite angry and will not easily be assuaged.

“Here is my birth certificate”

This foot-in-mouth statement was followed by the release, from the State of Hawaii, of the alleged and long-awaited Obama birth certificate, a document that may now be more famous than the Constitution. A small army of lawmen and forensic experts have labeled it a fantastic fraud. The mainstream media has laughed them to scorn while even conservative news and journalistic sources has set it off to the side. But it won’t go away.

Only months away from the general election now, others are clamoring for not only the proof from the state of Hawaii in the form of the microfiche copy or the actual document of record, rather than a cheap copy. Who would guess that in reality, the birth certificate is only the tip of the iceberg?

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