My friend and colleague, Dinesh D’Souza, has advanced an intriguing thesis regarding the roots of Barack Obama, arguing, in short, that to understand Obama, we must understand the anti-colonialism of his African father. Predictably, D’Souza’s thoughts have brought the wrath of the liberal choir.

I’m not going to dissect D’Souza’s argument. But I would like to add some important information: If Obama is indeed motivated by anti-colonialism, the source may be Frank Marshall Davis as much as, if not more than, Obama’s father.

I come to this via a different route from D’Souza. My new book — released the same day as D’Souza’s, coincidentally — examined the communist movement in the 20th century, and specifically how communists duped progressives and liberals. I determined, definitively, that Frank Marshall Davis was not a duped liberal but a duping communist. I show this at length, quoting Davis’s weekly columns from the CPUSA organ, the Honolulu Record, and reprinting pages from Congressional investigations and from Davis’s declassified FBI file, including a document that lists his Communist Party number: 47544.

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As to their relationship, Davis was introduced to a teenage Obama in the 1970s by Obama’s leftist grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who sought a father figure for Obama. Of all people to pick, Dunham chose someone summoned before the Senate in 1956 to testify to Communist Party associations.

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