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Obama’s Re-Election Plan is an Exercise in Delusion


by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Seeing the curtain slowly but steadily descend on their socialist reign has apparently scared a few well-known Democrat analysts into publishing a plan to re-elect Barack Obama. Reading it, one can almost hear the socialist anthem, “The Internationale.”

The “Path to 270” (Pt270) plan denies the realities of the very demographics upon which it is based. Its only honest feature is an acknowledgement that White people are not going to vote for Democrats any time soon.

Pt270 believes Obama can magically cut Democrat loses among college graduates to 15 percent instead of the 30 percent beating they got in 2010, when unemployment among college graduates was 4.2 percent.

A Gallup poll of recent college graduates finds 11 percent unemployed or underemployed, which is two percent higher than the national average. It would be an amazing feat to keep Democrats’ loses down to last year’s 30 percent level among this group.

Pt270 next delusion has Obama and the Democrats abandon any to appeal to Whites without college degrees – who make up 72 percent of all White voters – and replace them with the 28 percent who have college degrees. Aside from the lopsided numbers comparing, only 49 percent of college grads self-identify as liberals.

The plan next describes that it is necessary for Obama to lose the White vote by “only” 17 points (58-41 percent) as John Kerry did in 2004. Obama’s 12 point loss margin (55-42) among White voters was only good enough to get him a 7.2 percent winning margin overall. But in last year’s midterm elections, Democrats (who served as his unwilling surrogates) took a beating among White voters. Pulling out a victory looks like a tall order, if not an outright impossibility.

Perhaps the most important piece of data left out by the authors of Pt270 is the yawning voter enthusiasm gap between the two parties. In this crucial measurement, Republicans lead by 21 points among those motivated to actually go out and vote.

The spectacle of Chicago’s streets exploding in violence during the 1968 Democratic National Convention left an indelible brand on the Democrats as lawless thugs who would resort to anarchy to force their will on the nation. The Occupy Wall Street movement has announced that it will be back in the spring ready to do battle with our police forces. In 1968, the old media had to show what was going on and did so reluctantly. Today’s new media will cover every brick thrown and every cop spat upon. The internet will provide pictures of OWS people defecating on American flags and being arrested for selling drugs.

If the authors of this plan believe Obama can withstand all of this from a movement he endorsed on numerous occasions and still be re-elected, they are delusional.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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