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Obama’s Race War Against Police and Firemen


Michael Savage once wrote, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” Not only are the passions that animate left-wing policies and reverse racism irrational; they are life-threatening. The most jarring example is Barack Obama race war against police and fire departments everywhere from the heartland to Ground Zero.

Last month Obama’s Justice Department forced the city of Dayton, Ohio, to lower standards for hiring police and firemen, allegedly because not enough minorities passed. The Dayton Daily News reports that time is of the essence vital, since recent retirements “have left public safety forces near all-time lows.” Nonetheless, the Obama administration stepped in to keep police off the streets until he could saddle them with unqualified co-workers. Under the deal Dayton cut with Eric Holder’s department, city officials would hire people who scored as low as 63 percent on one section of the test and 58 percent on another – a failing mark on any conventional grade curve. The 748 people who passed the test will soon be joined by 258 new, incompetent public servants. No one will know one group from another except their HR department and the people whose lives they fail to save.

Even the local NAACP – which, as its name implies, can usually be counted on to support any policy that advances the interests of “colored people” – thinks Obama and Holder have gone too far. Dayton chapter President Derrick Forward has said, “The NAACP does not support individuals failing a test and then having the opportunity to be gainfully employed…If you lower the score for any group of people, you’re not getting the best qualified people for the job.” (In reality, the NAACP regularly supports these kinds of actions, but at least Forward does not.)

Most of us agree that the middle of a gunfight or an engulfed building is no place for on-the-job training. We’d prefer an expert. Not racial extortionists in the Obama White House.

The administration’s legal assault on Dayton would be regrettable enough if it stood alone. However, it is but one front of Barack Obama’s race war against police and firemen.

A Full-Scale War on Safety

The most outrageous and underexposed targets of the PC grenade-throwers has been the people who rushed to save lives at Ground Zero on 9/11. More than 90 percent of minorities pass an exam administered by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), ten percent more than the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission considers adequate. If less than 80 percent of minorities pass a test, the EEOC automatically assumes the test is “racist.” That does not enter into this department – but Holder decided to hustle the department, anyway. According to the DoJ, this test is “racist” because while 90 percent of blacks and Hispanics pass it, even more whites do. The Washington Times reported, “On Feb. 28, Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division, submitted a proposed order for damages for rejected applicants who scored 25 or higher on the 85-question exams.”

Although nearly five percent of fire department positions are vacant, the Obama administration is again holding things up until the department agrees to its blackmail terms.

His officials demand the FDNY hire people who got 29 percent of the questions right, compete with back pay. New hires would also have seniority over those who had been hired after they flunked and have been working ever since.

It comes as no surprise those who are keeping the police from defending law-abiding citizens around the country are the same bureaucrats involved in the most lawless, racist excesses of the last two years.

The Black Panthers’ Allies Target New Honkies

The FDNY’s nemesis, Thomas Perez, may have perjured himself during hearings before the Civil Rights commission in May when he testified that there had been no “political leadership involved in the decision not to pursue” the Black Panther voter intimidation case. Judicial Watch subsequently reported it discovered significant political involvement.

This case’s lead attorney is Loretta King, whom Obama appointed Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Justice Department whistleblower Christopher Coates testified that King “does not support equal enforcement” of the law, instructed him to stop asking job applicants if they would be willing to apply the law equally to all races, and “had been highly critical of the filing and civil prosecution of” a 2005 case against blacks in Mississippi who discriminated against whites.

The Black Panthers’ top advocates have joined forces to wage warfare against “the pigs.” So has Obama.

Obama Promised an “Activist Attorney General”

Barack Obama has led these actions, as he promised in a 2001 public radio interview. Obama told his interviewer, Gretchen Helfrich, that real change requires an “activist” executive branch and warned “without an activist Attorney General’s office and Justice Department that is able to come in and provide just the sheer resources that are required, many of these changes just don’t take place.” Now that these resources are at his disposal, he regularly harasses the law-abiding while protecting law-breakers.

The president has led the way in combating the police rhetorically. When national media asked him about Henry Louis Gates in 2009, Obama declared that while did not have “all the facts,” he nonetheless condemned Cambridge police for “acting stupidly.”

By appointing Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, Obama assured his presumption against the police – and testing standards – is enshrined on the High Court. Sotomayor twice ruled against New Have fireman Frank Ricci in the case Ricci v. DeStefano. Ricci was one of 19 white or Hispanic fireman denied promotions after they passed the test with flying colors. The pre-Sotomayor Supreme Court overturned her decision. Her supporters then tried to destroy Ricci’s reputation in the media.

The Ricci decision reflected Sotomayor’s racialist judicial activist philosophy. As a longtime head of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund (now LatinoJustice PRLDEF). Sotomayor said she was proud of the organization’s “cases attacking civil service testing.” The “attack” in question targeted the New York Police Department. In the 1980s, the PRLDEF found too few minorities could pass the exam to receive a promotion, so Sotomayor branded it “racist.” Eventually, PRLDEF’s PR forced the police to replace it.

She similarly ruled in 2006 case Hayden v. Pataki that New York’s law barring convicted felons from voting until they are released from prison or complete parole is racist and thus unconstitutional, although societies have disenfranchised criminal felons since ancient Greece.

His second court nominee, Elena Kagan, similarly worships at the altar of Affirmative Action. These nominees will fight Obama’s racist battles long after he is gone.

No Quarter on the Culture Wars

Obama’s unjustified and aggressive shakedowns of the nation’s emergency personnel should underscore how deeply committed he is to racial extortion and how animated he is to destroy traditional sources of masculine, working class power. It is the same spirit that caused Robert Reich to declare the administration must assure stimulus funds do not benefit “white male construction workers.”

They should also force Americans to see how implacable are the advocates of “racial justice.” In practice, testing standards for class promotion, college or union admittance, civil service or public safety jobs are dumbed-down to the point that almost everyone passes – and the professional racial grievance industry is still not satisfied.

Obama’s war should be seen for what it is – a war on achievement, where those capable of passing the test, running a business, or performing a public service are held hostage until they siphon off part of their earnings and authority to those who cannot.

The envy, covetousness, and racism of the administration would be disturbing enough directed against any industry, but Obama’s special object of ire seems to be police, firemen, and – if one includes the “persecuted minority” of homosexuals and transgender people – the military. These are the forces that maintain public order, rescue the imperiled, and take dangerous offenders off the streets. These forces should demand the highest standards of their employees, because they are the ones upon whom our lives depend.

Obama’s war is a war against us all.


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