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Obama’s Planned Trip To Israel: Good Idea Or Not?


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WND has an interesting article that they just posted, titled “Iran Terror Threat To Obama’s Israel Trip.” It starts off stating that there is information that the Iran-backed “Islamic Jihad” terrorist organization may attempt to disrupt Obama’s visit there next month. The article goes on to state that there is no known threat against Obama himself or any U.S. targets. Really? I find that impossible to believe.

I care to differ for a whole lot of reasons. First of all, al-Qaeda documents that were gathered at the home of Osama bin-Laden (when Seal Team Six killed him) revealed that bin-Laden had ordered that Obama be killed while flying in Air Force One, along with General Petraeus.

The plan that bin-Laden ordered was to wait to shoot Air Force One down with a ground to surface weapon when both Obama and Petraeus were aboard at the same time. The al-Qaeda leader theorized that with Obama dead (and Joe Biden being as inept as he is), America would disintegrate and no longer be a world power. General Petraeus was to be killed since he lead the insurgency in Afghanistan.

The entire world knows that Obama, being a Muslim, has a strong dislike (more of a hatred, I believe) for Jews, as well as Israel. That became apparent numerous times when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the White House and Obama disrespected him (such as when he got up from the meeting and said that he was going to have dinner with his family.)

The world also knows that Obama wants Israel to return to their pre-1967 borders and to give up the land that they won in that war and return it to the Palestinians. I do not see that ever happening, since it would literally cut Israel in half and they would not be able to defend their borders. One only had to see Obama’s body language to know that there was little love between himself and Netanyahu.

Allowing Palestinians to create a state is one thing; expecting Israel to return land that was won with the loss of its blood is quite another. Obama wants the Muslim world to be dominated by Sunnis and to be in full and complete control of the Muslim Brotherhood. He armed the Libyan rebels to overthrow Gaddafi, which they did; and Libya is now under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama was instrumental in allowing Egypt to be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and he is anxiously waiting for Syria to fall under the Brotherhood as well. I have little doubt that when Syria falls, Jordan will be the next target of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama’s drone war, killing al-Qaeda’s leaders along with innocent Muslims who got caught up as collateral damage, will not go unpunished. And I have little doubt that is something that al-Qaeda will attempt to obtain revenge for. What better than to take their revenge on Obama (and his drone war along with the killing of their leader bin-Laden) by shooting down Air Force One with one of the hundreds of thousands of ground-to-air missiles floating throughout the Middle East?

If that were to happen, that could be the beginning of World War Three, especially if al-Qaeda blames that horrific event on the Israelis. Obama’s administration is delusional if they think that Israel will give up the lands that they won in a war. If that is what they expect Israel to do, why should the United Sates not be expected to return California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas to Mexico? What’s the difference? After all, both areas of land were won in wars.

I personally believe that with al-Qaeda being as well-organized and dedicated to their twisted beliefs, Obama would risk starting World War Three by visiting Israel (or for that matter any country throughout the Middle-East) during these extremely volatile times.
Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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