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Obama’s Newest Partner In Crime


On February 27, 2012, WikiLeaks released hundreds of thousands of emails hacked from Stratfor, aka Strategic Forecasting, Inc., which some have called “the shadow CIA.”

A group of hackers responsible for the breach of Stratfor was led by Jeremy Hammond, now facing decades in prison and a multimillion dollar lawsuit from Stratfor.  Like many nabbed by our current President, Hammond has been held indefinitely in solitary confinement and has not been granted a trial.

Hammond was also aligned with Aaron Swartz, inventor of the web feed format RSS and founder of the hugely successful social news site Reddit. Swartz had hacked into a university database containing hundreds of thousands of fee-based academic articles and was planning on releasing the article database to the public. Directed by Attorney General Eric Holder to throw the book at him with possible decades in prison under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the emotionally fragile Swartz, age 26, hung himself.

The hundreds of thousands of Stratfor emails hacked by Jeremy Hammond, while being released to the public, have gone largely unread, even by WikiLeaks.

An investigator is currently trudging through Stratfor’s emails and has come to some troubling finds concerning the Obama administration, which we will be reporting on in the coming weeks.

One such discovery is that it appears Obama and the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Erdogan (who is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood), conspired to topple the governments of Libya, Egypt, and Syria.

As a background, Obama has been frantically trying to get the European Union to accept Turkey as a member despite the country’s ties to Islamic radicals. Most recently, Obama forced Israel to apologize to Turkey for killing nine so-called “humanitarian activists” when a Turkish-based six-ship flotilla tried to break the Gaza blockade.  This was Turkey’s ninth attempt and was in defiance of Israel’s legal blockade to stop Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood—all groups that have vowed to annihilate Israel—from shipping weapons to the terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza strip.

Why exactly is Obama so close to Erdogan? Turkey is not an ally of the United States and in fact is aligned with Islamic extremists, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet Obama made two visits to Turkey in 2009, while neglecting to visit Israel even once during his first term.

Why indeed?

Like a couple of teenage girls, according to the hacked Stratfor emails, Obama was on the phone with Erdogan almost constantly in the lead up to the toppling of Libya’s Gaddafi, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, and the attempt to topple Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.

During the Tahir Square so-called “protests”—which were orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood—Obama secretly phoned Erdogan on January 29th, February 5th, and February 12th of 2011. Per one hacked Stratfor email:

SABAH has accessed the details of three telephone conversations made by the American President to Prime Minister Recep Erdogan in order to discuss the crisis in Egypt. The first call was made by President Obama to Erdogan on January 29th to discuss the start of the public uprising in Egypt, while the last call took place on February 12th.

Of course, it is perhaps coincidental that, as we discussed previously, the current Libyan and Egyptian governments are headed by the Muslim Brotherhood. And perhaps it is coincidental that the so-called Syrian “rebels” are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Of course, perhaps it is also coincidental that the Syrian rebels are headed by a naturalized American citizen—Ghassan Hitto—who grew up in Texas and who was vice president of the Muslim Brotherhood front group Council on American-Islamic Relations—a group that the Obama administration has had literally hundreds of meetings with.

But there are no coincidences with Barack Hussein Obama. Everything is orchestrated, scripted, and planned.

And Act Two is about to begin.


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