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Obama’s Little-Known, Pro-Life Democratic Challenger


Randall Terry in the Democrat Presidential primaries is an easy endorsement to make.

Mr. Terry is a pro-life lion who has decided to take the fight against Barack Hussein   Obama right to his front door by entering as many Democrat Presidential primaries as he can. In every state primary Terry can command more attention than the media wants to give us and lay a claim to being eligible for “political rate” air time from which he can slam Obama for is bloodthirsty campaign to murder even born infants to satisfy his far left anti-American supporters at NARAL and NOW.

The activists who are pressing Barack Obama to defend his eligibility to remain president in spite of his father Barack Obama senior’s Kenyan birth are not the only front line fighters in the battle. This is why we need to support Randall Terry’s crusade to defeat Obama using the win-win issues of partial birth abortion and the infanticide he is on record as recommending when a miracle baby survives an abortion.

While the challenge to Obama’s Natural Born Citizenship claim, being waged in Georgia, works well even though he has no opponent in the state’s Democrat primary, when a fearless opponent like Randall Terry is added to the equitation real damage can be done to Obama.

Terry’s Operation Rescue has already secured a spot to be shown during the Super Bowl showing just what an abortion does to a baby.

Terry is presently on the ballot in Ohio, Oklahoma and Missouri, but each time he qualifies for a Democrat primary slot he gains the “standing” the Democrats have been using as a way to deny challenges to Obama’s Natural Born Citizenship claim. In every media market covering a state’s primary Terry can demand his message be aired and he can expose Obama’s record as the media never will.

There are a number of especially friendly states (those with primaries still open AND a Republican Secretary of State) for Terry to carry his crusade. On April 3 Tennessee and Texas will be up.

On June 5 South Dakota and New Jersey both states with Republican Secretaries of State (yes New Jersey) will hold their Democrat Presidential primary.

To contribute to the Terry crusade please visit his site:

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