Obama’s ineligibility: The American press has dishonored itself


Barack Obama 5 SC

We now have the media of an one-party state.

I was watching ABC’s George Stephanopoulos interviewing Donald Trump about the birth certificate issue.

It struck me how much more Stephanopoulos sounded like an Obama staff member than an independent and objective journalist.

Continuing his crusade to save Obama from the dustbin of history, Stephanopoulos, on Good Morning America, waved a copy of Obama’s alleged Certification of Live Birth at Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN).

He demanded that she renounce her recent heresy of questioning Obama’s eligibility to be President by swearing an oath to the purity of her thoughts in order for her to be considered an acceptable contender for the Republican presidential nomination.

Read More at Canada Free Press by Lawrence Sellin, Canada Free Press


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