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Obama’s Inaugural Marines were FAKE


On orders from the Obama administration, the bolts from the M1 rifles carried by Marines in the Inaugural parade were removed. Even more shockingly, it appears that the Marines who normally provide security and perform ceremonial functions for the President were replaced with ringers.

Some of the “Marines” that paraded in front of the reviewing stand on Inauguration Day were unshaven, their uniforms out of line and ill-fitting, and their marching skills – in the opinion of this writer and dozens of other real Marines – could easily have been bested by any 3rd phase Marine Corp recruit platoon.

In this episode of “The Truth Is Viral,” I speak with radio talk show host Pete Santilli, himself a Marine; and together, we dissect the video provided by the United States Marine Corp, proving that the men who paraded in front of the President were not Marines from Marine Corp Barracks Washington D.C., the famed 8th & I.

SOURCE: http://bobpowell.blogspot.com/2013/02/obamas-marines-replaced-with-ringers.html


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