On October 11, 2013, the 110-page Human Rights Watch report entitled “You Can Still See Their Blood” was published, in which it was found that Obama’s al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels have been engaged in nothing short of war crimes.

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According to the report, in the Syrian province of Latakia,  Obama’s al-Qaeda rebels, accusing the residents in the surrounding villages of helping Syrian government forces, went on a murderous rampage beginning August 4, 2013. Over 200 civilians were slaughtered, including 57 women and 18 children. Entire families were decimated. Dozens of civilians were decapitated. In several villages, the residents were set on fire and burned alive. An eighty-year-old blind woman was shot dead in her bed. The victims were thrown into mass graves reminiscent of Hitler’s murderess SS traversing the countryside, leaving a wake of carnage.

The report rightly calls this “crimes against humanity”—“war crimes.” All under funding and with weapons supplied by Barack Hussein Obama.

We know that Obama has directed the CIA to not only fund and arm the al-Qaeda-linked  Syrian rebels, but is training them and has CIA agents embedded within their ranks. Obama therefore knew about the war crimes and covered it up and is therefore himself guilty of crimes against humanity.

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After Obama is impeached for funding and arming terrorists, he should be brought before the International Criminal Court to answer for crimes against humanity and imprisoned for the rest of his life