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Obama’s Got to Go—NOW. Before It’s Too Late for Israel


When Obama ascended the throne, he couldn’t wait to jaunt around the globe, visiting Arab nations, placating Muslim extremists, and bowing to Saudi Kings.

He couldn’t be bothered to visit the pustule on his back, Israel. But when Vice President Biden finally showed up, and Israel had the gall to grant a permit for new settlements in their own country on the same day, Obama was livid, summoning Netanyahu to the White House like a wayward slave. Netanyahu wasn’t good enough for the front door, so he had to scurry in the side, where Obama, after a few gruff words, trotted off to eat dinner. Meanwhile, Netanyahu and his entourage were getting hungry, so they were brought non-Kosher food, the ultimate insult for a Jew.

Could it get worse? Actually, yes. Then, Obama made the ridiculous demand that Israel should return to the indefensible 1967 borders while they were (and are) surrounded by countries that want to annihilate them—literally.

One thing Obama does not seem to understand—or rather he understands but doesn’t care about: When a country—specifically Iran—says they want to wipe you off the face of the earth, when they obviously have been working on building nuclear weapons, what you don’t do is coddle them, or lead from behind by asking permission from the UN what you should do, or even ask Israel not to attack Iran until you’re reelected!

Obama should be removed from office—impeached immediately for coddling Iran—bringing Israel to the brink of a second holocaust.

This isn’t World War II, where Hitler’s death apparatus has to build death camps, gather the Jews into ghettos, put them on trains, and stuff them in gas chambers. Iran, with two or three nuclear weapons, could do what it took Hitler years to do in a matter of seconds. What is Obama doing about it? Golfing; campaigning; hobnobbing with celebrities; digging fifty years into Romney’s past; suing Sheriff Joe; and demonizing the oil companies, Wall Street fat cats, and corporate jet owners. He’s doing everything but his job. And when a man isn’t doing his job, whether he’s a janitor or leader of the free world, he should be fired. Immediately.



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