Obama’s gay ‘religious’ advisor attacks the Pope and the Catholic Church using condoms


Democrats like to say “A fish rots from the head down.” Where are they now that Harry Knox, a militant homosexual advisor to Obama, has once again attacked the Catholic Church?


Knox, Obama’s Faith Based Advisor, has renewed his attack on Pope Benedict XVI charging he is trying to use the name of Jesus to hurt people by stating that condoms increase the spread of AIDS in Africa; as if they don’t.

Just another Gay activist willing to lie

To the pseudo religious Left condoms are a sacrament they’ll go to war to defend.

In the “oh so suave and sophisticated” world of Obama, and those he surrounds himself with, it’s not politically correct to ever challenge the effectiveness of condoms because they provide the type of hedonistic non-judgmental freedom that is at the very core of their lifestyle.

The “Beautiful people” will never admit it but condoms had a very serious failure rate of over 30% in a University of Texas report. The study was an examination of eleven independent surveys whose findings went beyond a mathematical failure rate to an explanation of why the failures happen.

Sexually transmitted diseases, the report declared, are tiny organisms that are small enough to pass through tiny imperceptible holes in all condoms. For perspective, HIV the virus that causes AIDS is so small two million of these death causing organisms can fit on the period at the end of this sentence.

Knox has never hesitated to show his anti Catholic bigotry, and has even mocked Benedict’s visit to Africa to lend spiritual support to its AIDS stricken people. It’s no coincidence that Barack Obama, a man who has continually shown contempt for the Catholic Church should have Knox as an advisor: The fish rots from the head down after all.

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