Barack Obama’s illegal alien uncle Onyango Obama, whom the president calls “Uncle Omar,” got caught on New Year’s Eve asking for the hair of the dog that bit him. Northeastern talk show host Howie Carr discovered that residents of Framingham, Massachusetts, spied the illegal Kenyan (Omar) drinking in the same restaurant where he bent the elbow before his drunk driving arrest last August, an august tavern known as The Chicken Bone (famous for “Chicken & Tunes”). He must have had a few too many because the media have reported his lawyer will attempt to blame his near-crash with a police cruiser on his arresting officer.

Officer Val Krishtal encountered the 67-year-old just outside the bar when he said Uncle Omar came to a rolling stop and nearly caused an accident. Onyango took a breathalyzer (and not because he’s asthmatic), blowing 0.14, nearly double the state’s legal driving limit of 0.08.

However, he will attempt to blame his reckless driving and well-documented inebriation on Officer Krishtal. According to The Washington Post, Krishtal wrecked his cruiser on November 22 while responding to a report of gunfire. The move is a transparent attempt to portray the policeman as a dangerous driver.

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Some things make a driver more inclined to wreck his car. One of them is speeding over the cold roadways of a Massachusetts November while rushing toward your duty to protect an innocent citizen from a shooter. Another is saddling up to the bar at The Chicken Bone and throwing so many back you cannot stop your car when you see a police cruiser driving directly toward you, even though you are currently breaking numerous laws. One should rankle the jury more than the other.

So should Onyango’s behavior since the event. After the arrest, Omar told officers, “I think I will call the White House.”

Onyango is the half-brother of Barack Obama Sr. and the older brother of Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, who was found to be living in public housing in South Boston and collecting welfare despite being an illegal alien.

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Rep. Steve King, R-IA, has proposed Congress investigate why the illegal, who was ordered deported in the 1990s, is still in the country. Just before Christmas, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney told Carr he would order Onyango deported.

The world will be better off when all the Obamas can live together as one big, happy family — in Kenya.

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