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Obama’s Domestic Army


For a few moments in July 2008, while Obama was campaigning for President, he looked away from the teleprompter and spoke from the heart. With a gleam in his eye and fervency not seen up until then, he spoke about his dream for a “civilian national security force” that would rival the U.S. military in strength.

Conservatives and civil libertarians cringed when they heard this speech, imagining black-clothed shock troops resembling Hitler’s SS, going house-to-house, hauling “subversives” to headquarters to be interrogated.

Of course, Obama supporters shoved this down the rabbit hole of “conspiracy theories.”

In the wake of the Boston Marathon attack, militarized police, DHS, FBI, and ATF roamed the streets of Watertown. Looking for the unarmed teenager Jahar Tsarnaev,  citizens were confined to their homes. Light-armored tanks roamed the streets. Hundreds of militarized police conducted illegal house-to-house searches.  Citizens were taken into custody without being charged with a crime. And yes, most of this “national security force” was dressed in black.

In a video that has now gone viral, former Marine Colonel Pete Martino testified how our law enforcement apparatus, especially the Department of Homeland Security, has become indistinguishable from the military, down to every piece of equipment, weapons,  and vehicles.

The Posse Comitatus Act makes it illegal for the military to roam the streets of America.

Obama, like he has done with virtually all laws, has found a way around this. His “Civilian National Security Force” that he dreamed of while campaigning in 2008, is now coming to fruition.

And guess what, America? He’s just getting started.


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