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With all of the turmoil surrounding the Syrian crisis, one has to wonder why Obama has become an afterthought in the negotiations with Putin and Assad over the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war. The reason is simple. Obama, who has no leadership skills despite liberal protestations to the contrary, has successfully transformed the most powerful position on the planet into that of a bumbling simpleton.

Something people need to realize is that this is not new. It is the Obama track record throughout his entire presidency.

In Iran, Obama stated that all options, including nuclear weapons, were on the table in preventing Iran from obtaining the capability to produce nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad called him on it, labeling Obama an “amateur politician.” Obama’s response was to do nothing. He deferred to the economic sanctions that did not have any impact whatsoever. At the time, allegations from several sources arose that Ahmadinejad was indeed building a nuclear facility that would be capable of producing nuclear weapons.

In Korea, Obama, in an attempt to portray himself differently than what happened with his encounter with Ahmadinejad, stating that he would not follow the same path he did with Iran. Yet, what did he do? Obama issued economic sanctions. Did it work this time around? Of course not! North Korea built an operational nuclear facility and shut it down during negotiations with the U.S. and China (they have recently restarted it.) So, North Korea played with Obama as if he were a yo-yo. Obama’s response was again to do nothing.

In Libya, Obama waited as France responded to Qaddafi’s brutal crackdown on his own people. Then Obama’s response was to implement a “no-fly zone” and launch missile strikes against Qadaffi once it became apparent that he had indeed embarrassed himself once again on the world stage. (The price tag for only being peripherally involved was well into the hundreds of millions of dollars.)

What happened next? We have four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador, killed in Benghazi in a premeditated attack. Obama’s response was to blatantly lie about the cause, while waiting for the media to shift the focus onto something else. Obama has held no one accountable for this, and it has been over a year.

In Egypt, Obama openly supported the Muslim Brotherhood as they deposed Hosni Mubarak, who had frequently worked with the United States at times dating back to the Carter Administration, and took over the government. When the Egyptian military seized control of the country in an obvious coup, Obama refused to characterize it as one. Since U.S. law requires all foreign aid to be suspended to countries that have been overthrown in a military coup, Obama questioned whether or not he should suspend such aid.

What has happened in Egypt due to Obama’s lack of leadership? It has devolved into violence and open fighting in what has become an undeclared civil war. Obama has also managed to turn a country that once worked with us into one that accuses him of supporting terrorism in Egypt (and has even accused him of being a member of Muslim Brotherhood.)

In Syria, Kerry makes an off-the-cuff statement about turning over the chemical weapons to international control, which Putin seized upon. Obama immediately retracts that as not an authentic proposal. Then when Putin showed the leadership Obama is lacking and brokered the deal with Assad, Obama immediately flip-flopped, saying that he actually discussed this with Putin at the G-20 summit.

Putin has already characterized the Obama Administration as pathetic. Assad is now demanding concessions from the United States before he will turn over their chemical weapons. Obama then makes a speech to the American people where he says that we might attack Syria, but we are going to wait and see if the Russian proposal will work first.

Despite his own statements to the contrary, Obama’s credibility on the world stage is so non-existent that he is waiting on Putin to make up his mind on what will happen in Syria. Obama has done something that most political pundits and historians thought would be impossible.

Obama has surpassed Jimmy Carter as the worst president of the United States.

Why is anyone still surprised at this point?

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