Obama’s dismal early primary vote support down over 50%


As Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went into the Democratic National Convention in 2008 against Barack Hussein Obama, she had received a majority of the popular vote against Obama, 18,045,829 to 17,869,419. Still, Obama and his Chicago machine managers fairly easily wrestled away the nomination for President from her. Yet what is now more amazing, is that in the Iowa and New Hampshire primary elections this Presidential election, Obama is doing far worse in popular vote than during 2008.

True, Obama doesn’t have Hillary Clinton to run against in 2012, but isn’t it strange that not only are none of the vote totals Hillary racked-up are transferring over to Obama, but even Obama voters themselves have diminished? Obama voters and other traditional Democratic voters in the early primaries seen to be scurrying away from him like “rats on a sinking ship.”

Here are some popular vote totals and comparisons: in 2008 Obama received 104,404 votes in New Hampshire, finishing second to Hillary Clinton, who had 112,404 votes. But on Tuesday in New Hampshire, Obama, with 81.54% of the vote in the Democratic primary, received only 47,220 total votes. That is less than 50% of his 2008 vote total in the Granite State, not including all the missing Hillary voters! Overall Democratic votes in New Hampshire in 2012 were just 20% of the total in 2008, down from 287,527 in 2008 to just 57,913 in 2012! Not a great sign for voter turnout in November for Obama.

In Iowa, which Obama won in 2008, he won about 24,000 caucus votes in 2012. But in 2008 his total caucus votes were much higher, and though hard to exactly peg because the Iowa Democratic Party did not release actual vote totals for the caucuses in 2008, Obama consistently won over 50% of the vote in tiered district and county caucuses where turnout “shattered records” according to CNN, with 227,000 attendees. Winning those caucuses with over 50% of the vote, Obama ultimately received close to 40% of the total delegates allowed. It is a fair estimate to say that Obama received about 110,000 votes of the 227,000 who participated in caucuses in Iowa in 2008, as compared to about 24,000 in 2012, demonstrating another sharp drop off in voter support, which is down to about 20% of 2008 levels in Iowa, and consistent with the big voter fall-off for Obama in New Hampshire.

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