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What did Lee Harvey Oswald, the man that was accused of murdering John F. Kennedy, Sirhah Sirhan, the man charged and convicted with the murder of Bobby Kennedy, Major Nadal Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter, Jerry Lougher, the shooter that shot Gabriel Gifford in the head, and murdered numerous other innocent victims, James Holmes, the Colorado movie theater shooter, and Adam Lanza, the Newtown Connecticut murderer, all seem to have in common?

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To start with, they all had absolutely no regard for any human life, and they must all have been void of any normal human emotions to have been able to perpetrate such horrific crimes on all their innocent victims.  I suspect that there are a number of common threads that also tie all of these mass murders together.  A question that must be investigated and ultimately answered by mental health professionals is why did they all appear to be in a trance state when they were all first arrested?

In the case of Adam Lanza, we have no way of knowing, since he committed suicide. However, autopsy results on his body might find a common denominator that might be similar to chemicals that were found in the bodies of the other mass murderers, all identified above.

If you recall, when Sirhan Sirhan was first arrested, he seemed dazed and disoriented. There is still no explanation as to the number of bullets that were fired during the murder, more bullets were fired than were in his five shot revolver. Lee Harvey Oswald professed his innocence before he was silenced by Mr. Jack Ruby, who shortly after murdering Oswald, he mysteriously died of cancer. Major Nadal Hassan, also seemed be be somewhat out of it, as he was screaming Allah Akbar, as he was slaughtering innocent soldiers. When Jared Lougher was first arrested, he seemed to appear to be clearly out of his mind, and in somewhat of a drugged state, as did James Holmes, the Colorado movie theater shooter. With the suicide of Adam Lanza, other than through autopsy reports, we will never know, if he would have appeared the same way, in a drug induced state, as did all of the other mass murderers when they were all first arrested.

Not being a mental health professional, I have no way of knowing, if the mind can cause people to appear in a drugged state, that way, right after they have committed such unspeakable horrific murders. However, I am certain that there are many mental health professionals that can provide acceptable answers to that question.  Is it at all possible that they were all given some sort of medications by our government, that were known to bring out unbelievable traits in them, that allowed them to commit such horrific murders?

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There is no one that has their eyes open that does not see that America is under an attack from within, nor is there any doubt that this Administration is doing anything and everything that it can to disarm honest and law abiding citizens of their weapons by any and all means.  Our Second Amendment rights have been under attack for a very long time, and with the Sandy Hook massacre, I am certain that the Administration will ratchet up their attack on our Second Amendment rights.

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