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Obama’s Delusional View of America


Ever since his inauguration in 2009, Barack Hussein Obama has been preaching about how he is all for the middle class. He criss-crosses the country making statements like “everyone must pay their fair share”. He demonizes the rich while attempting to kiss up to the less fortunate.

He embraces the Union bosses as brothers while regulating small buissness out of existance. He constantly pushes a class warfare agenda while giving billions of dollars to our enemies. America’s growth has been halted to a point where we can no longer sustain ourselves. Although Bush may have had a hand in this as Obama claims, it is Obama who has put this nation on the fast track to destruction.

Obama truly is attempting to fulfill the dreams of his father, whoever he is. Either his father was Barack Obama Sr. or Frank Marshall Davis; neither one had a favorable veiw of America. Obama Sr. was an anti-colonialist, and Davis was a communist.

Here is what I feel is Obama’s view of America. When Obama views the middle class, he views only those who wear the union label. (Remember, communism is built on workers unions.) Those who we Americans consider to be the hard-working, non-union members of the middle class will be the ones who are driven into poverty through outrageous regulations, high health care costs, and poor housing options. We are the new poor.

The attack on the rich will continue only because they have always been at odds with the unions, due to the fact that most of the rich are job creators and the unions want full control. The rich will be taxed out of existance because of the need to support the new class of poor (the former non-union middle class.)

This, of course would explain the huge push for Obamacare. This would bankrupt the job creators, put non-union employees in the poor house, and essentialy level the playing field. A three-class society would become obsolete. Capitalism would be dead, and a few at the top would be in control of everything. Remember the waivers from Obamacare that were given out? Some of them went to the Unions. Obama,with the help of Andy Stern (workers of the world unite) has found a way to accomplish his goals in one swoop.

We, as Freedom-loving Americans, MUST call Obama’s bluff. We must come at him with every piece of evidence that we have. From his birth certificate and bogus social security number to his Indonesian adoption to Fast and Furious to his illegal executive orders and circumventing the US Constitution. We must collapse his system just as he is using the Cloward-Piven stratagy to collapse ours. This will not be easy, but we must take this regime down piece by piece. Stay safe, and always be aware of your surroundings.

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