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Obama’s dangerous mistake: attacking religious freedoms


America’s religious communities are fighting back against Barack Obama’s attack on our religious liberties. The first of dozens of lawsuits have been brought by Catholic entities against Obamacare’s regulations requiring them to provide contraception services in their employee health care coverage.  This is just the beginning.

Since Obama started his war on religious freedoms, he has driven faith-guided voters from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party. The politically lethal “contraception” mandate destroyed the Democrats in 2010, even before its violence towards religious teachings was widely known.

Given the bumbling, disjointed nature of the Republican Party, it would be hard to credit the large shift of voter allegiance to the GOP to steps John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have taken. That leaves only one other possibility: Barack Obama himself.

A 2011 Pew survey using 15,644 respondents with a 1% margin of error documents the dramatic right-ward march among all voters and categorized its findings by religious affiliation.

Pew found that since 2008, white evangelical protestants under 30 have made a 15 point move to the Republican Party, leaving them 82/13 Republican. Evangelicals over 30 have made a 4 point move to the right and are now 69/25 Republican.

Compared to 2008, white Catholics under 30 have made a virtual 180 degree turn in their Party allegiance and are now Republican by a rate of 54/40.

Overall, Obama’s war on those who hold religion as an important element of their lives has driven former Democrat-voting Catholics to favor the GOP by a rate of 52/41.

Any doubt that Obama’s Catholic war will do major damage to him and his Party is brushed aside by Pew’s findings among Catholic voters. In 2008, weekly Mass attending Catholics were evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, and in fact, Obama won the Catholic vote 54/46; but that is all changed now.

Catholics who are at Mass each week now favor the GOP by 52/40, and even those who don’t attend Mass regularly – the Catholics who favored Democrats in 2008 by 54/38 – are now evenly split between the two parties.

In November, Obama will learn his lesson about attacking religious freedoms, and so will his party.

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