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Obama’s Child Soldiers


The left-wing protesters in Wisconsin have insisted they are only calling in sick for work, getting paid for protesting, and demanding excessively generous benefits for “the children.” To drive this point home, they have surrounded themselves with children in the protests. Many of these young people say they feel “forced” to attend and admit they have no idea why they are there. There is a simple reason for this: The Left has long used children as political props for its radical political agenda. No one who really cared about children would want to expose them to the hate-filled profanity-fests that represent the average liberal rally.

The Left uses children as their political soldiers because children do not know the platitudes they are mouthing are nonsense; they are more sympathetic than union thugs; and they give the Left a sense of innocence and moral legitimacy entirely unmerited by their ideology, means, or goals.

Marion Wright Edelman, who founded the Children’s Defense Fund and acted as Hillary Clinton’s mentor for years, admitted, “I got the idea that children might be a very effective way to broaden the base for change.”

Wisconsin has put Edelman’s lesson to use. The co-president of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Teaching Assistants’ Association told Nation magazine, “While students haven’t been the source of this protest” – no, that would be enormous labor unions – “they have definitely been the soul of this protest. Students of all ages have shown up. They’ve stayed up late on little sleep – they are really working the night shift to keep this movement going.”

Is keeping children up for the night shift without sleep good for “the children”? What about immersing them in a large, raucous crowd chanting obscenities and carrying signs that bear such messages as, “If Tea Baggers are as Hot as their Fox News Anchors Then I’m Here for the Gangbang”? Or perhaps the sign that called Governor Scott Walker a “Motherf-cker”? (The dash was not a part of the original sign.)

In today’s environment, it is politically correct for radical leftists to use children as political props, but not to point out that even the most extreme gatherings of cultural revolutionaries is not fit for children. Heaven help us.


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