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Video: Obama’s Aunt is a Chip off the Old Shoulder


Zeituni Onyango is the 58-year-old Kenyan-born aunt of Barack Hussein Obama, and next to Valerie Jarrett, she seems to be the person who best understands his political philosophy. At a time when unprecedented deficits and swelling government dependence nudge the economy toward a Greek-style debt crisis, this illegal alien who has never paid a dime in (U.S.) taxes receives public housing and a $700 monthly disability check. Yet she insists her new country has treated her as “public enemy number one” and put her through “a Hell of a lot,” so she owes it “nothing.” It turns out she believes we took advantage of her, and she angrily lectures American taxpayers they have the “obligation” under “Almighty God” to “help the poor, help other countries, and take care of women.” After all, her steep legal bills are being footed by “Heaven.”

She is angry, thankless, clueless about where all the benefits she enjoys come from, hostile toward those who pay for them, and insistent they come faster, more frequently, and at an ever-greater cost. In other words, Aunt Zeituni appears to perfectly express Barack Obama’s outlook and policies.

They’re Comin’ to America

Aunt Zeituni came to America in 2000. In time, she said she became aware she “overstayed,” and in 2004 Judge Leonard Shapiro denied her asylum. This did not keep her from attending her nephew, Barack Obama’s, swearing in as a U.S. Senator nor his inauguration as president — where Boston’s WBZT-TV said she had been “invited.” However, this May, the same judge suddenly changed course and granted her petition on the grounds she would face danger in Kenya because of her notoriety. Strangely, media reports do not portray Obama’s “home country” as especially hostile to his relatives. His ancestral village of Kogelo threw a four-day-long party for his inauguration, and Time magazine has reported villagers have elevated his half-brother Malik to celebrity status. Still, the judge reversed himself. Ever since, she has remained on the taxpayers’ dole. And that has her steaming mad — at America.

Aunt Zeituni vented her views in a two-part interview with Boston’s WBZT-TV.

Her walk through the tax coffers of the nation she remains in despite its laws has not been sufficiently pampering for her. She told WBZT, “To me, America’s dream became America’s worst nightmare.” She whined, “I’ve been treated like public enemy number one” and been put through “a Hell of a lot, Hell of a lot.” Her interviewer recounted that Aunt Zeituni felt America had taken advantage of her, though he added that she did not elaborate.

The answer seems clear: she’s entitled, and Americans have been too stingy in handing over their cash and their country.

“You Have the Obligation to Make Me a Citizen”

The media have widely reported her view that “If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.” Since the president has set the full force of the federal government into providing amnesty for 15-20 million Democratic voters illegal immigrants, one could reasonably infer he believes the United States has the “obligation” to make anyone who lands on these shores a citizen. But how can the United States pay for the massive welfare spending that attends this immigration? After all, Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman warned, “You cannot simultaneously have free immigration and a welfare state.”

Not to worry: God will rain down pennies from Heaven.

If Only You Believed in Miracles….

Whatever people perceive to be Barack Obama’s faith, he and his aunt have a shared belief that money magically appears and Americans have a God-given obligation to “spread the wealth around.” Aunt Zeituni said “Heaven” was paying for her high-powered immigration attorney and “even my food.” That is an odd description of federal welfare spending. As for what she owes American citizens?

Zeituni: I owe them nothing.
Reporter: But it’s given you so much?
Zeituni: So? It’s a free country, country under God.

The reporter then asked whether it was fair for a non-citizen, non-taxpayer to graze her living from the generosity of her host country’s welfare programs. He asked:

Reporter: So, the person who comes in who never paid a dime into the sysetm but yet gets to take advantage of that system–?
Zeituni:  That’s God’s miracles. Don’t you believe in miracles?”
Reporter: You don’t think it’s unfair?
Zeituni:  It’s not unfair.

This continual reference to God appeared again in her most stark statement: it is your religious obligation to keep shelling out for middle aged Kenyans:

Zeituni: You people who preach Jesus Christ, Almighty God, and the rest of it, you are here to help people, help the poor, help other countries, and take care of women.
Reporter: That’s what the United States is supposed to do?
Zeituni: And you have to give me my right like any other person’s right.

This sounds very much like the theology Glenn Beck has recognized as Barack Obama’s: the belief in “collective salvation.” Wealth spontaneously springs up like posies, and the nation’s political leadership must distribute it “fairly.” Whatever the merits of Dinesh D’Souza’s recent article, this is one area where Barack Obama certainly seems to share the mindset of a Kenyan.

The danger in his aunt’s remarks are not only that Obama appears to share them, but he seems to desperately want the rest of America to adopt them, as well.

“Obama Money!”

Obama’s long-held redistributionist views stem from, and are empowered by, views like these. In 2008, Peggy Joseph famously told a reporter:

I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help him, he’s gonna help me.

A Detroit woman told television cameras she needed help with her “mortgage and paying my lights and gas bill. Thank you Barack Obama. We love you!”And WJR-AM famously interviewed several Detroit-area federal aid applicants about where the money was coming from:

Reporter: Why are you here?

Woman: To get some money.

Reporter: What kind of money?

Woman: Obama money.

Reporter: And where Obama he get it?

Woman: I don’t know — his stash? I don’t know. I don’ t know where he got it, but he [sic.] givin’ it to us, to help us. (Friend, “And we love him!”) We love him. That’s why we voted for him! O-bam-a!

(Story continues after video.)

Do these women sound any less clueless than Aunt Zeituni? The money just is — now gimme! This is the fruit of decades of Detroit liberalism and government coddling. It is America’s destiny under a left-wing ideologue like Barack Obama. In the America he envisions no one has any idea where the money comes from, everyone is entitled, the recipients lecture the productive sector that providing for the inert is their God-given responsibility — and absolutely everyone bitches that the cash has not come in faster.

If you have not yet seen the full interview with Zeituni Onyango, watch carefully. She is what Obama wants to make of your country and your children.


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