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Obamanomics Destroyed the Economy and the Environment


by Michael Oberndorf


As the economy prepares to tank again, this time perhaps into a full-blown depression, even socialist leaders in the failing European Union are complaining about the total lack of effort exerted by the Fraud in the White House to create new private sector jobs. Fact is, Obama-Soetoro and his merry band of unindicted neo-fascist co-conspirators can’t even maintain the government hiring that drove the fake recovery last year. America is not just broke but, thanks to wildly profligate spending by Democrats, we are so far in the hole, we may, like Zimbabwe, never get out.

However, oblivious to reality, Obama-Soetoro continues to demand that Congress spend even more. Trying to play the big shot in front of German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, he even proposed sending a multimillion dollar bailout of non-existent U.S. taxpayer dollars to socialist Greece. I guess since there seems to be an endless supply of money for his lavish vacations, his opulent state dinners and parties, foreign junkets, and incessant golf outings, he thinks money grows on trees.

Unfortunately, those of us who must live in the real world are suffering the consequences of his delusional, Alinskyite policies. Although gas prices have dropped a few cents recently, they are still at record highs, and it is unlikely they will stay this low. The disgraceful, despicable fact is that we have enough untapped oil in the United States to be totally self-sufficient, producing it at a cost of about $16 per barrel, as opposed to the $100+ we are paying now to Obama-Soetoro’s Moslem OPEC pals.

Massive, exploitable reserves have been identified in the northern Midwest, on the north coast of Alaska, in the Gulf of Mexico, in Texas, and off both our east and west coasts. Democrats, however, and their “environmentalist” stormtroopers have passed laws and regulations that put all of this oil out of reach, untouchable, using scare tactics and lies to impose phony environmental protections.

Like a watermelon, they are green on the outside, but when looked into, red on the inside.

The simple fact is that our environment is not in danger. It never has been. Every problem that has existed has been faced and dealt with, and there is not a place in America that has had permanent damage done to it by the hand of man. Lake Erie, for example, which was so polluted that it caught fire back in the late 1960s, is today clean enough to swim and fish in.

Indeed, “damage” is not a finite, quantifiable concept; it is subjective, and its perception will vary from individual to individual. Some might even say that a catastrophic wildfire, such as the 430,000-acre Wallow fire burning in Arizona right now, caused by unending lawsuits by Green NGOs like the Center for Biological Diversity and the Forest Guardians that prevent managing of our public lands — fires that burn every living plant, bird, reptile, and animal (including endangered ones), and sterilize the soil to a depth of three feet, causing erosion of topsoil and silting of streams – some, just might call that environmental damage. And some might call it intentional.

But the bottom line is that America is environmentally one of the cleanest, healthiest places in the world, not because of the plague of “environmental” laws, but because Americans care. Freedom21 and Sovereignty International have studied these issues in depth, and are excellent resources for learning the truth.

Another undeniable fact is that our draconian “environmental” laws and regulations have, and are, intentionally costing us millions of lost jobs. If we got rid of the Environmental Protection Agency, repealed and/or re-wrote the Endangered Species Act, and the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, we would create millions of good paying jobs. We would clear the way to once again to have the greatest, strongest, most equitable economy in the world, and return control of the land, publicly or privately, to the people who actually own it.

Don’t hold your breath, though. Clear-thinking conservatives are not in control of Congress. Instead of demanding massive, immediate cuts in spending and taxes, Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH), is going to add to the government debt by going out and playing golf with Obama-Soetoro and Joe Biden. They will no doubt reach a “compromise” whereby the American people still get enslaved, but a touch more slowly. Unbelievably, too, we also have self-proclaimed “conservative” candidates for president – Romney and Gingrich – who still believe in global warming.

What do citizen patriots need to do? Get informed. And get active. It’s our country. Let’s take it back.


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