Obamanites get violent in support of the agenda


Last Saturday, a brick bearing the message “stop the right wing” smashed through the window of the Republican Party headquarters in Marion, Ohio. An Obama campaign contributor was arrested last week after threatening to kill Rep. Cantor and his wife because they are Jews. The registered voter in the “Christian militia” arrests turns out to be a Democrat.

Fill in your own incident – the real dangerous political violence in America is coming from the Obamanite left.

Be warned. The Obama regime considers opposition to its long march to “transform America” illegitimate and a fair target for government retaliation and violent retribution.

You can tell this is true not only from the spreading incidences of such violence, but also from the frantic propaganda assault by the government-controlled media claiming that the violence is actually coming from conservative opponents to the Obamanite agenda. Read your Alinsky. “Community organizers” are taught to accuse your enemies of using the dastardly tactics you are using on them.

In Sunday’s New York Times, the tea-party movement is compared to the violent Weather Underground of the 1960s. A recent picture of a peaceful tea-party protest is placed side by side with a black-and-white file photo of violent Weather Underground radicals – and guess who’s in that picture? None other than bomber Bill Ayers himself.

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