Obamaism Will Fail Because Socialism Always Does


Barack Obama 9 SC

RUSH: I want to grab a phone call real quick because I forgot this. I thought about stealing this and then telling HR to tell the caller to go take a hike. But I want to give the caller credit for this. This is Grace in New York City. Hi, Grace. I’m glad you called, and thank you very much. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, I love you. I love you! I’ve been listening since the first week in July on WABC when you were on from ten to 12. Do you remember?

RUSH: Yeah. Gosh, I’ll never forget. 1988. You’re going all the way back to the start.

CALLER: And you were the first show I listened to. I was apolitical until I just turned on the radio and heard your wonderful voice.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: And I said, “Oh, my God, somebody that’s saying what I think.”

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