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ObamaCare: Obama’s Orwellian Oddity Regarding the Supreme Court’s Decision


With the Supreme Court’s ruling of ObamaCare, we had the Orwellian oddity in which Obama strutted up to the podium proclaiming in a tone reminiscent of his Arab Spring pronouncement, “The Supreme Court has spoken.”  Obama spent ten minutes blathering on about everything but what they actually said—that is, that the mandate was justified by considering it a tax.

Then Obama sent out Axelrod and other surrogates on the news circuits to proclaim that the Supreme Court was actually wrong in considering it a tax, even though Obama’s Solicitor General Verrelli argued before the Court that the mandate’s penalty could be considered a tax: “Mr. Chief Justice, let me answer that, and then if I may, I’d like to move to the tax power argument… (41).”

Obama and his surrogates have been running from the word “tax” like a Frankenstein terrorizing the country. Furthermore, go to all the mainstream media websites and try to find archived video of news anchors announcing that the Supreme Court found ObamaCare constitutional by considering the mandate penalty a tax (which they all did on live TV). You won’t find it. It is like in Orwell’s novel 1984 where the Ministry of Truth (substitute Obama’s “Truth Squad”) stuffs historical fact down the memory hole.

But the world Orwell portrayed is mild compared to what Obama has created…



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