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Obamacare Free Ride SC

As Democrats frantically wrap the ObamaCare rocket in quick-fix duct tape to keep it from blowing up on the launch pad, the rest of us think wistfully back to 2009, when we heard all those crazy promises about convenience, affordability, and the joys of top-down central planning. What we actually got is a pile of junk, compiled by liberal think tanks, that the White House knows isn’t working. And, thanks to the complicit liberal media outlets, the public has been kept in the dark until now. They, with the White House, have known it wasn’t working for a long long time. They just didn’t want to admit it until they couldn’t hide the truth any longer.

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Now that the cat is out of the bag, the liberal establishment prevailed upon President Obama to see what he could do to remedy the situation so their representatives could get reelected again. Everything with these people is about getting reelected and lying to the American people so they can retain their power. So now, President Obama has decided to void the Constitution and rewrite the Affordable Care Act on the fly. Who is doing the revisions, we really don’t know. What we do know is that the ominous provisions that would affect certain businesses and unions has been put off until after the 2014 election cycle. However, the personal provisions are still in effect.

Now isn’t that quaint? Here, we have a law passed by only Democrats that now Democrats can’t allow to take effect. Unfortunately, some of the law has already taken effect, and it is starting to make them look like the hypocrites they are. Now we have the frank admission that it’s fundamentally incompatible with representative government and the rule of law. As deadlines loom, it’s clear that ObamaCare cannot survive in the America we all inherited; so according to the Obama’s minions, America must be changed to accommodate ObamaCare.

It is all about the money. The Democrats reap the benefits of their actions in the form of contributions from large liberal donors who would like to see capitalism collapse. It is their wish to install a Socialist form of government where only they will benefit, and the working class would be forced to go along with whatever the government dictates. So this is the first taste of that form of government. Our president tried to pull a fast one by installing officers on the National Labor Relations Board illegally and then claiming he didn’t know the Congress was still in session, even though his party did the same thing when he was a Senator. Now that he got caught with his hand in the corporate cookie jar, so to speak, he has to do something to save his friends (the Union bosses) from being run out on a rail by the rank and file who will be impacted by ObamaCare.

Some critics have always maintained that ObamaCare was designed to fail, crushing what remains of the health-insurance market to pave the way for a single-payer nationalized health care – the deadly nightmare no society ever awakens from. Look at the way each new dismal development sends more people scurrying to the public exchanges when they can, which causes their costs to skyrocket, even as the most elementary protections against fraud are disabled.

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