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The website is still a technical disaster zone that has been diplomatically described as “state of the art incompetence,” despite the promise that it will be up and running smoothly by the end of November by its new technical surge director.

Obamacare was supposed to provide access to affordable health care insurance by basically implementing a mandate that all Americans will be required to purchase insurance or a pay a fine that would either be a flat rate or a percentage of their income (whichever is higher), thus lowering the costs for everyone.

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To sell this to the American people, Obama presented the following “facts” to sell Obamacare –

    • “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan period.”
    • “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor period.”

    • “…will lower premiums as much as $2,500 a year…”

Obama promised that “nothing would change” for most Americans, nor did he qualify any of these promises.

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Paying for Obamacare

To pay for it, Obama had a two-point plan –

  • Everyone would be required to purchase insurance whether through their employer, the health insurance exchanges, or staying on their parents’ plan if they are young enough.
  • Those who did not purchase insurance would either pay a flat fine or a percentage of their income – whichever was higher – to offset the costs of healthcare.

Obama even said that the IRS would deduct the fine from tax returns automatically for those who did not purchase insurance on their own.  Reasonable people capable of doing elementary school math explained that it was impossible to lower costs for everyone and provide insurance to millions of previously uninsured Americans. Liberals, with their lapdog media, demonized anyone and everyone who dared to challenge their view.

These were the lies used to sell it. There were no other facts to challenge it with because it would not be implemented for three years. Well, it is being implemented now.

Reality Check

Starting at 1:06

“Because this only works, for example, if young people show up and even if they buy the cheapest plan…We’ve got to have them in the pools because otherwise these projected low costs cannot be held…”

So, according to Clinton, they cannot lower the costs of healthcare if young people do not purchase insurance. If only old people have insurance, then the cost of Obamacare is tilted towards an age group that will use more in services than they are paying for in premiums.

Those are Clinton’s words – not mine. Young people have to buy insurance – not pay the individual mandate fine – for this to work.

Obama – “…absolutely not a tax increase…not have other people carrying your burdens for you…”

But Obama needs young people to pay for the health services that will be used by older people for this disaster to work.

Obama – “…We did raise some taxes on some things…”

The obvious result of doing so is to ensure that some people are being required to bear other people’s burdens for health care to pay for the essential health benefits Obamacare mandates – which will require a number of people to pay for services they would never use (i.e. a single man needing maternity coverage) for other people who will choose not to pay without concern or penalty.

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