ObamaCare for the Internet


With housing, automakers, banking, student loans, and health care checked off the list, next on Team Obama’s agenda is the National Broadband Plan, better known as Net Neutrality. Quite simply, it is a plan allowing the federal government to take over the nation’s telecommunication platform, giving the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) centralized control of the internet. The fact that the FCC has no legal authority to regulate internet providers has not deterred administration efforts to regulate all electronic speech, news, and information.

Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, recently released a statement using Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 as prime justifications to push the National Broadband Plan. “The 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina showed what happens when public safety officials lack a reliable means to communicate in the midst of a disaster,” he stated. In other words, double down on stupid: In order to mitigate problems inherently tied to governmental bureaucracy, add another layer of federal oversight.

Although it was a welcome and shocking development that Democrats actually do see the significance of 9/11, that the White House is exploiting 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina to justify a federal takeover of the internet is anything but.

Read More: By Anthony Kang, American Thinker


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