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Obama Will Save The Planet For Rich Liberals


It appears that Gore has passed the baton to Barry.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, “The Closer” star Kyra Sedgwick (actor Kevin Bacon’s wife) gave one answer to the question “why so many rich famous people are Democrats?” I have often wondered if their love for money is outweighed by their hatred for the party that traditionally has represented morals. It is the Democrat Party that seeks to tax the heck out of the rich. So it has seemed so odd to me that the rich famous people are traditionally Democrats. But there it was, an answer coming off of Kyra Sedgwick’s liberal lips.

Kyra Sedgwick, along with her husband Kevin Bacon, is sitting pretty with her multimillions. They are said to be worth $66 million together. But there she was, in all of her arrogance, dismissing the economy as something of that much importance when put up against the so called “Global Warming” crisis and the thought of the planet not being all that it could be for her children some day, her rich children. Her rich children who won’t be hurt in the least by higher taxes, higher gas prices, or a hurting economy on a whole.

Kyra Sedgwick wants Obama to do more. She feels his hands have been tied and wants to set him loose to save the planet. She wants to lessen our dependency on oil, all the while knowing that she and her family will be able to afford to travel wherever and whenever, no matter how high the cost of traveling from home to a job or from home to some far away vacation spot becomes. Let’s just put the economy on the back burner. Let’s concentrate on the global warming hoax and saving the planet, as if we could. Let the average American family pay through the nose in higher taxes and higher fuel prices. After all, there are far more of us. So if we would just consume less, due to lack of money to consume more, then she and her family can continue to consume as much as they want to, and the planet will be saved for them to enjoy with their multimillions. It’s a win-win situation in Kyra’s mind.

Debra J.M. Smith 08-13-12


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