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Obama Usurps Congress, Enacts the Dream Act


After Congress slapped down Obama’s back door amnesty program, the Dream Act, Obama, with his tail between his legs, confessed to an interviewer that he couldn’t “unilaterally” do anything about it.

While repeating this statement in front of the radical Latino group La Raza, the audience demanded that he should act unilaterally—that is, usurp the authority of Congress.

Apparently Obama has complied with the far-Left’s demands and stepped over Congress and given hundreds of thousands of illegals “immunity” (an Obama euphemism for amnesty) via Executive Order; given these, what he refers to as “Americans,” a right to a work permit, pushing to the back of the line millions of Americans out of work, a right  to a path to citizenship, and more than likely a path to having the ability to vote—for Obama, of course.

Obama has campaigned on the “if Congress won’t act, I will” phrase for upwards of a year now, after Congress had repeatedly rejected his “Progressive” (i.e., socialist programs), and he has continually usurped the authority of Congress via Executive Orders, edicts of Czars, his massive regulatory apparatus, and by simply ignoring the laws of the land.

What’s next, the Supreme Court? Assuming ObamaCare is shot down, what is to stop Obama from saying, “If the Supreme Court won’t act, I will,” and enacting ObamaCare anyway?

Assuming Obama loses the election in November, what is to stop him from saying, “If the public won’t act, I will!” and voiding the election?

America, the unthinkable has happened. There is a dictator sitting in the Oval Office.


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