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In September of 2011, 60 million health records involving 10 million Americans were illegally confiscated by members of the IRS. The theft took place at an unidentified place of business in California.

Referring to itself as the John Doe Company in a lawsuit filed last week against the 15 IRS agents who took part, plaintiffs claim that “no search warrant authorized the seizure of these records; no subpoena authorized the seizure of these records; none of the 10,000,000 Americans were under any kind of known criminal or civil investigation and their medical records had no relevance whatsoever to the IRS search.”

One of the IRS agents who took part in the theft told John Doe Company officials that the government was searching for records involved in a “tax matter” pertaining to a former John Doe employee. Yet when informed that their search warrant did NOT allow for the confiscation–or even the search—of the 60 million health records taken, the IRS “…threatened to ‘rip’ the servers containing the medical data out of the building…” if the records were not turned over willingly!

The Doe Company complaint continues:

Moreover, even though Defendants knew that the records they were seizing were not included within the scope of the search warrant, the Defendants nonetheless searched and seized the records without making any attempt to segregate the files from those that could possibly be related to the search warrant. In fact, no effort was made at all to even try maintaining the illusion of legitimacy and legality.

Never mind the breathtaking arrogance of Obama’s foot soldiers or the contempt they display for the law and the American people. Those are old stories. In this case, the truly relevant question is WHY? What was the real purpose behind this IRS theft? The John Doe Company is presumed to be an insurance company or repository of insurance records. Of the 10 million individuals whose medical records were taken, it is believed that nearly 90% live outside of California, making the IRS theft one of truly national significance. The records stolen are said to include those of every state judge in California, all state court employees and “…prominent citizens in the world of entertainment, business and government, from all walks of life.” The medical information includes “… psychological counseling, gynecological counseling, sexual or drug treatment and a wide range of medical matters covering the most intimate and private of concerns.”

In short, if ever a politician needed information with which to coerce a powerful, recalcitrant friend or blackmail an outright enemy, these stolen records could provide a treasure trove of “mineable” dirt! Was this a Regime-ordered fishing expedition, a search for potentially damaging information concerning the more recognizable individuals within a very long list of otherwise less than noteworthy names? Or were millions of files stolen in order to provide a healthy margin of cover for the relatively few that Regime operatives REALLY wanted!

The IRS has operated with utter disregard for law and the Constitution for decades. Intimidation became the “new normal” for that contemptible band of bureaucratic thugs long before Obama began his Marxist blitzkrieg. Was their thuggish behavior in California a warning to the nation’s insurers from the Pennsylvania Avenue Cosa Nostra that resistance–legal or otherwise– to New World Order patricians will not be tolerated? Have we just witnessed the method by which ObamaCare’s principle collection agency intends to assemble and review claims information for the nation’s insured?

Remember, they’re from the government, and they’re here to help you.

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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