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Obama Tries To Nullify Free Speech


Team Obama has sent out the talking points to his surrogates and the MSM that the attack of the Libyan embassy and murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens was the result of the the anti-Muslim film, Innocence of Muslims. This has been contradicted by none other than the president of Libya, el-Megarif, who apparently did not receive the lie perpetrated by Obama and radical Islamists. El-Megarif states correctly that the attack on Libya was the result of months of planning by radical Islamists to coincide with 9/11 and had nothing to do with the video.

Obama then cow-towed to Muslim extremists, in contradiction to the Constitution he has sworn to uphold, and asked YouTube to pull the video, in effect nullifying our right to free speech. The producer was then hauled in by the Feds for “questioning.”

Many have stated that the Obama administration is trying to institute shariah law, but are deemed conspiracy theorists for this charge.

What then is Obama trying to do in pulling the video? In taking the producer of the video into custody? It is illegal to criticize Islam in Islamic countries, and Obama is basically upholding shariah law!

Obama swore to uphold the Constitution but is instead trying to nullify it and institute shariah law.

For this, he should be impeached.




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