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Obama-The Wooden Puppet


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Barack Hussein Obama as president is as mythological as Zeus, Odin, and other nostalgic god folklore. His tenure serves only to serve those who control his strings, proven by his inactions after Benghazi, his inability to effectually pass gun control legislation because he didn’t have the votes in his own party, and his ineptness in handling the economic recovery. These are just a few spots of evidence that this man doesn’t truly control anything.

Lest I be remiss in my theory regarding the POTUS, let me state emphatically that Obama does have an agenda; but that agenda has nothing to do with changing America from the inside. On the contrary, Obama’s singular and sophomoric vision is to create a New Europe from the outside. A United Nations arms treaty, selling F-16’s to foreign enemies, and pushing U.S. money into developing nations is how Obama plans on destroying us.

Beyond Obama’s simplistic personal agenda lies the liberal zealots who truly control him and are driving the country over the moral and fiscal precipices. David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, two of the president’s closest advisors, seemingly are driving economic and social policy, including the increased taxation diatribe on America’s wealthiest. Their concerted efforts to keep people, or more specifically money, from moving out of urban areas is slowly manifesting itself by way of the “Building One America” group headed by Michael Kruglik, another of Obama’s fellow community organizers. The organization stealthily attempts to move money from more affluent suburbs back to poorer urban areas. This redistribution of wealth is most likely being headed by those closest to the president while he focuses on redistributing America’s collective wealth in a more worldwide manner.

Naturally, Obama shares the community organizing dreams of his puppeteers; but the reality is that they dictate domestic policy. His ability to win votes by appearing to care about the average person is one of his endearing qualities. Once his “advisors” told him the presidential election would likely be very tight, Obama immediately created the image that he cared about union workers, homosexual marriage, and immigration reform. All three of these groups rallied to support a president who, until just before the election, had done nothing to further their own agendas. As a matter of fact, Wisconsin and Michigan both suffered serious blows to organized labor. Obama only backed support of homosexual marriage when gay couples expressed disdain at his lack of support for their cause. Similarly, children of immigrants were unhappy with him after they flocked to the polls in droves in 2008 to vote for the perceived “savior.” It wasn’t until 2012 that Obama moved to “help” bring about a means to citizenship for otherwise illegal immigrants to ensure their vote.

The Obama puppeteers believe that taxation and continued spending will force the population back to city centers. Mass urbanization is Obama’s dream, but more importantly the dream of those who wish to fully control the masses. What better way to create a One World Order than forcing everyone into being urbanites. All of the country’s money would be contained and shared, and the ability of the government to control both cash and populace would be much easier. This is how the puppet masters operate their wooden president.

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