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Obama Confessional SC

It was the first time a sitting US Secretary of Education had visited Canada; and by all accounts, it was an exciting time for Canadian educators. In September 2010, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, a new broom in the Obama White House, visited Toronto, ostensibly to participate in an education conference.

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Duncan is more or less a quintessential Obama pick. A born-and-bred socialist academic, he was born in Hyde Park, the Chicago neighborhood where Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and Barack Obama would later reside. In fact, Duncan’s father was a professor at the University of Chicago, which later employed Obama and unrepentant domestic terrorist Ayers. He is also a Harvard alum and former Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools.

While in Toronto, Duncan schmoozed with educators who were no doubt after his own heart. The Canadians are well under way in implementing the International Baccalaureate Programme, which is what one might call the standardized socialist syllabus intended to indoctrinate students into the preferred worldview of liberal elites worldwide. It may then come as no surprise that in America, Common Core is being used as the wedge of sorts toward the implementation of the IB. While the rhetoric used to sell the IB and Common Core accentuates how wonderful the program is, and how much better students do educationally (which is far from being established), the real focus is on social engineering, data mining, and indoctrination.

As part of this trip, Duncan toured Weston Collegiate Institute, a local high school in the IB track. Its principal, Deborah Blair, is also an archetypal socialist educator, who has been lauded for her utilization of “Restorative Justice” in her administrative practices. She also happens to be black and an American.

Weston Collegiate is also the high school that was attended by a colleague of mine, Dr. Jim Garrow. As some will be aware, Dr. Garrow is noted for having founded The Pink Pagoda, an organization that rescues baby girls in The People’s Republic of China from infanticide (a widespread practice there due to their “one child per family” policy) and places them with childless couples in China. He had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, which was ultimately awarded to Barack Obama.

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What many outside of Canada don’t know is that Garrow is also a groundbreaking educator in his own right. Over the years, he has contributed to countless international education projects and has worked with educators and government officials around the globe, including such luminaries as Jack Kemp, Jerry Falwell, Bill Bennett, and other Reagan cabinet members.

In early 2010, Weston Collegiate alumni, staff, and ancillary participants began considering a number of proposals whereby they might recognize their honored fellow alumnus (Garrow) with some manner of public tribute, given his experience, humanitarian work, and that he had been a Nobel Peace Prize runner-up.

Shortly after Arne Duncan’s historic visit to Weston, however, all such talk of homage to the esteemed alumnus abruptly halted, to the puzzlement of Dr. Garrow and the prospective participants. What had happened? Unfortunately, identifying the whos and whys of it wound up being as mysterious as… well, as trying to determine who authorized the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative, Christian, and pro-Israel nonprofit groups and political opponents for inordinate scrutiny.

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