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Obama Takes His Apology Tour to the UN


The story that has been spreading like wildfire throughout the world has been the Obama administration’s abject lies about the cause of the attack on the Libyan consulate. For over a week, Obama and his surrogate-in-chief/UN ambassador Susan Rice went on a PR blitz proclaiming the attack was caused by an anti-Islam film uploaded to YouTube months before. Even after the lies began to unravel, Team Obama stuck to the narrative, taking his lies to the UN.

But the story behind the story wasn’t that the attack was a pre-planned terrorist attack, but that Obama was towing the UN line that criticism of Islam should be criminalized. That Muslims being “offended” should trump the U.S. Constitution’s Freedom of Speech.

The feds took the anti-Islam filmmaker in for “questioning.” Obama personally asked YouTube to “review” (read: take down) the offensive video. And now the filmmaker has been taken into custody, supposedly for probation violations, but everyone knows it is to punish him for exercising his right to free speech.

Obama swore to uphold the Constitution, not Muslim sensitivities and certainly not UN edicts.

This man should be impeached now. Today.


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