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Obama Surrenders Space to China


by Jim Emerson, CoachIsRight.com

The Obama administration is planning to sign the European Union’s Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities. The administration insists, in a unclassified summary of Obama’s National Security Space Strategy, “We believe setting pragmatic guidelines for safe activity in space can help avoid collisions and other debris-producing events, reduce radio frequency interference, and promote security and stability in the space domain — all of which are in the interests of all nations.”

By agreeing to international rules concerning space launches and operations, this president will limit the use of space for military and intelligence purposes. Such policies will forbid the U.S. from protecting space assets from anti-space weapons being developed by China and Russia.

When asked by The Washington Times, former National Security Council Director of Space Policy, Peter Marquez stated the agreement will allow other countries to set limits on U.S. assets in space. “It leaves open the door also for the United States to be forced to disclose the nature of its intelligence collection activities and capabilities from orbit.”

What about China?

Pentagon officials are concerned over China’s counter-space capability, which it demonstrated in 2007 when it test launched a space missile against a weather satellite 530 miles in orbit. Beyond developing missiles, the Chinese are working on directed energy weapons and ground base jammers against space-based platforms.

An attempt to negotiate with China to accept rules for international agreement for space operations has been spurned. They are not interested in negotiating with the United States about anything that will limit their military capability.

Differences in Administrations

Courtesy of WikiLeaks’ State Department leaks, the Bush administration threatened military action over the shooting down of the satellite in 2007. As a show of force the U.S. Navy shot down a crippled satellite USA 193 in 2008. This action outraged Beijing, but they respected “the cowboy.”

Rick Fisher, a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, told The Washington Times, “One gets the impression from this document that the Obama administration simply wants to ignore the Chinese threat in hopes it will just go away.” He said,“There is apparently no consideration of developing U.S. active defenses for space that would more effectively deter China.”

According to leaked documents, the Chinese shot down another satellite in 2010. The fact is China does not fear “The One.” They are happily militarizing while the rest of the world is rioting and leaders are retreating. The community-organizer-in-chief is surrendering our edge in space.

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