Obama Sets Tax Offer High to Sucker GOP


Obama knows that the GOP is not going to agree to a $1.6 million dollar tax increase. At least I don’t think the GOP will agree to it. But you never know when it comes to creatures without a backbone. They’re talking big right now, but will they cave when the media put pressure on them?

But if the GOP balks at the $1.6 million, will they accept, say half that? That will be Obama’s “compromise” that Republicans might agree to, but it’s probably what Obama believe he could get in the first place. This is the way it always works with Republicans. The Democrats propose and the Republicans compromise and the Democrats take credit. The Republicans are left on the outside looking in wondering what happened.

Republicans cannot compete with Democrats on giveaway programs. As Rush Limbaugh has said, you can’t compete with Santa Clause so don’t even try since you’re never going to get any credit for your compromise. You’re only going to tick off your base.

The GOP needs to offer tax cuts, spending cuts, and a roll back on regulations. No matter what the Republicans do, the media and the Democrats are going to blame them, so why not go for broke and try for everything. Let Obama take the credit for taxing people and destroying the economy.

Right now the stock market is down hundreds of points in anticipation of the coming fiscal cliff of higher taxes and spending cuts. There’s talk of investors taking their profits this year to avoid the higher taxes of 2013.

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