Obama, Romney spar over taxes, jobs plans at first presidential debate


Photo credit: Cain and Todd Benson (Creative Commons)

Mitt Romney used his first face-off with President Obama on Wednesday night  to try to chip away at the caricature that Democrats have been drawing of him  the past two years, arguing that contrary to the president’s claims he does not  want a $5 trillion tax cut skewed to the wealthy.

At the same time, the Republican nominee pressed the case that the  president’s policies have become a barrier to job growth and that his plans for  a second term would “kill jobs.” Echoing the words of Vice President Biden  earlier in the week, Romney said: “Under the president’s policies, middle-income  Americans have been buried.”

Romney tried to align himself with middle-class Americans throughout the  90-minute debate in Denver, claiming his primary goal is jobs.

Obama, though, appealed to the same swath of voters – he continued to argue  that his opponent is promising a return to failed policies that would boost the  privileged and burden the middle class. He slammed Romney for wanting to turn  Medicare in to a “voucher” system, repeal the federal health care overhaul and  allegedly push a tax cut for top earners.

While Romney accused Obama of pushing “trickle-down government,” Obama  accused Romney of wanting to “double down on the top-down policies” that  preceded the financial crisis.

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