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Obama regrets his magnificence has not been appreciated


To the Media, Obama was the Messiah

During an interview with longtime ally, CBS News’ anchor Charlie Rose, Barack Obama (and Michelle) lamented having failed to adequately relate the true extent of the President’s genius to the American public. “The nature of this office is … to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism,” not just “to [think] about getting the policy right” said Obama to the reliably sympathetic Rose. In Obama’s mind, this means that though he has worked to add trillions to the debt, keep unemployment high and destroy any chance of economic recovery, if only he had done a better job packaging and presenting these willful disasters as triumphs, his campaign wouldn’t be in trouble and the American people would properly appreciate his tireless efforts on their behalf.

Of course Obama and the rest of the far left believe most Americans simply can’t grasp how fortunate they are that people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and others of their ilk should so graciously donate their time and talents to the public good! In their view it is this congenital, intellectual failing which prevents the public understanding how much better off they are with the left managing things than the Constitution.

It also comes as no surprise that Obama should be arrogant enough to believe that many Americans depend upon his council for the strength and will to carry on. After all, the little people would suffer an even more unendurable existence without the daily encouragement provided in The Master’s words. No doubt this is why Obama decided that he must do a better job not only of explaining, “but also [of] inspiring” the American public. After all, “… hope is still there,” chanted Michelle, possibly for the benefit of others who may look forward to one day enjoying gaudy vacations at taxpayer expense.

While this comic farce was going on, White House press secretary Jay Carney busied himself in proving that the Administration can maintain a sense of humor in spite of being on course for a thrashing in November. “The President’s …record as a candidate…in terms of transparency…reflects a long tradition [of] being an open book…” replied Carney to a reporter who had asked about the chances of Obama releasing any college records. Credit Carney with apparently keeping a straight face throughout this unintentional jape as reporters–whether due to political bias or fear of never being invited back–decided to NOT tarnish the moment by presenting any facts.

Three and one half months remain until Election Day. It isn’t likely that Obama’s dismal record will convince undecided voters to support him. And though his campaign undoubtedly has more dirt to throw at Mitt Romney, any truly devastating bit of information would have already been revealed over the years by Romney’s many previous opponents.

So perhaps Obama has retained Monty Python to help him in the stretch run. If the humor of the President’s “unappreciated genius” and “open-book transparency” is followed by anything having to do with an albatross, we’ll know for sure.

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