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Obama, Pelosi, other liberals diagnosed with new disease


House Minority Leader Nancy “Botox” Pelosi has said that Republicans’ pursuit of the truth about “Operation Fast & Furious” is nothing more than an attempt at voter surpression? What? If you question Obama’s policies or his statements you’re considered RACIST. If you are against ILLEGAL immigration, you are a BIGOT. It seems that if you’re in favor of obeying and enforcing our laws, you are a “narrow minded neanderthal”! Black Democrats are saying that Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr’s stonewalling on Operation Fast & Furious is really no big deal! Two men died because of that failed operation, and it’s no big deal?!

“The private sector is doing fine”, our President said. REALLY? Maybe the President needs a field trip out into the real world! It seems that Washington has contracted that most deadly of all diseases: ‘Terminal cerebral ambulatory rectal inversion.” It is brought on by stupidity and nourished by ignorance. There is seldom an antidote to this dreaded affliction. It has caused an epidemic in the Democrat Party and has shown some sporatic signs of emerging in the Republican Party’s ranks. Those most susceptible are the liberal or Socialist Progressive type in Washington D.C.. Medical science believes this affliction’s first major carrier was Woodrow Wilson. This affliction then burned its way through a major flair-up during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt and then went into hibernation until the Obama adminsitration proved to be fertile soil for its proliferation.

Symptoms are self-delusion (see Obama’s comment on the private sector) and believing that one can cause the seas to recede, the sun to shine at will, and that any failure you suffer is not your fault….EVER! There are plenty of other symptoms as well. An obsessive overuse of botox to the point that Jack Nicholson’s “Joker” is more believable than your real life persona. The habit of continually inserting your foot into an orifice not intended to contain it! A maddening tendency to believe everything that you say is true!

Another symptom of TCARI is believing that spending every dime of taxpayer money plus borrowing all that you can from your enemies is somehow good for your own country. Underestimating the costs of any program that you put forth through Congress by 50%. Hiring Cass Sunstein as your regulatory czar is also a very prominent symptom of this affliction. There is a cure for this symptom, however; it’s called TTBO (Throw The Bum Out). Readily avaiable wherever a spine is found!

Memory lapse is one of the most dangerous symptoms of this disease because it causes severe anxiety at times. Like when you can’t remember that what you said six months ago contradicts what you said today. Worse is a sudden awareness that the lie you told today may have contradicted the lie you told last week. A major memory lapse was displayed by President Obama when he stated that he had visited all “57 ” states when he was running for office. His staff had to inform him that unlike votes, you can only count each state once!

President Obama’s infamous “kill list” of al-Qaeda leadership was only revealed when the President was caught in the White House War Room holding the controller for a drone in his hand and yelling ‘burn, baby burn” as the screen showed a figure running through the desert. The President was forced to turn the controller over to Air Force personnel. The President’s personal score has not been released, pending verification by Video Verification Games, Inc. I heard Michelle ‘s been practicing too.

TCARI seems to have infected some outside the official corridors of Washington D.C. The likes of Ed Schultz for one. Uncontrollable paranoia, as displayed by Ed right after the unsuccessful recall election in Wisconsin, was clearly on display. Chris Matthews needs to have that tingling in his leg looked at because involuntary muscle reactions caused for basically no reason are DEFINITELY a symptom of TCARI! Come to think of it, the entire staff of MSNBC and NBC itself are showing some very distinct signs of TCARI. NBC’s attempt at falsely editing a Mitt Romney speech is a glaring example of the “stupidity” symptom associate with TCARI, but they may be too far gone for treatment.

There is one symptom that has come to the forefront of TCARI, and that is falsely accusing others of “racism”. Now the two best examples of this are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. These two race- hustlers….er, civil rights advocates, only seem to display this symptom when cameras and newspeople are around. It’s a very strange situation. They never display any of these symptoms when the victims are white, only when the victim is black. Must just be a coincidence? I think the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia needs to make TCARI a priority this year, but with the government’s budget situation, who knows?

I guess we’ll just have to put up with the inmates running the asylum just a little longer. God help us ’til November and beyond.

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